try again to get an easy answer

  nutty norm 09:27 29 Apr 2013

i asked the other day for an easy way to get rid of the toolbar Snap do and i got a lot of complicated answers it is there an easy way to get rid of this problem without resorting to pay someone to do the job for me, nutty norm

  alanrwood 09:31 29 Apr 2013

You got the answers before. Sometimes there is not an easy answer to every problem.

  Woolwell 13:30 29 Apr 2013

It may have been best to have stuck to your original thread and replied to lotvic's last question. The guidance in the link is fairly good. With an infection it is rarely simple to get rid of it.

  lotvic 14:23 29 Apr 2013
  nutty norm 18:40 29 Apr 2013

Thanks to all, Hitman pro, My antivirus Bullguard says it is blocking the download it says it is a threat and also i did download the Anvisisoft which was suggested it did find a lot of junk files including the Snapdoo but it would not remove them without payment, anyway it seems to have dissapeared for the moment so i will try and keep of the website TUCOWS, FROM WERE IT ORIGINATED,did a new system restore and it seems to have worked, so at the moment i am free on the Snapdoo toolbar, Nutty norm

  alanrwood 19:07 29 Apr 2013

TUCOWS is a very reputable and established download site.

  lotvic 19:54 29 Apr 2013

This is what I posted on your other thread re the removal process ""You say you "cannot get it to work" Which part of the instructions on are you having problems doing?"" got on your computer after you have installed another free software or add-on that had it bundled into their installer. You should have unticked the boxes for during the install of the program that you downloaded.

Running the additional anti virus/malware/spyware programs are to make sure pc is 'clean' - after the uninstall of and the resetting of browser homepages.

There are plenty of free anti virus/malware/spyware programs, you do not have to buy one.

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