Trusted web server certificate

  Kate B 22:28 05 Oct 2008

I've just installed and got up and running an Exchange 07 server at home to do my own email hosting (for the record, some of my knowledgeable friends think I'm a nutter). It's working brilliantly; however, I need a trusted web server certificate and SBS 08 walks you through "requesting" such a certificate. However, it's not very clear whether this actually results in such a certificate, nor how it might arrive.

Most of the time if I access my email etc via Outlook Web Access, I can tell the browser to ignore the fact that the server doesn't have that certificate, however, I can't sync my Windows Mobile phone with the Exchange server as you can't tell it to ignore the absence of the certificate.

Which is a long-winded way of saying: can anyone either tell me how to get the certificate; does it cost money (I'm assuming the answer is yes) or point me in the direction of a tutorial somewhere? I haven't turned up much by Googling.

Thanks, folks.

  tullie 20:09 06 Oct 2008

Cant help,but do agree with your friends lol

  Kate B 21:51 06 Oct 2008

tullie ;-)

In fact I've sorted this. I ran the "install a certificate" wizard again click here and this time it told me I could buy a certificate from my registrar. It took all of 10 minutes to buy the certificate (£15ish/year), verify that I'm the owner of the domain via a series of automated email, downloaded the file, clicked through the wizard. Easy.

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