Trust Soldier help

  lc_99 00:40 12 Oct 2009

Today trust soldier appeared on my computer - did some research and followed the online advice on how to get rid of it using spyware doctor...

Did all that, infections found and cleared and spyware doctor is giving me a clean bill of health as are my regular virus checks; only problem is that trust soldier is still there with its pop-ups and all.

... I am not someone who is good with computers. Any advice, help would be much appreciated. Should I take my computer to a shop? From what I can figure out this is some pretty nasty malware and I would prefer that it doesn't destroy my computer.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:45 12 Oct 2009

Download Malawarebytes from click here (the free besrion), update irt and then run on 'deep scan', Delete all it finds and you should be OK. The scan may take up to an hour.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:45 12 Oct 2009

besrion = version

  lc_99 08:57 13 Oct 2009

OK, have tried that. The scan slowed down and is taking hours and hours (no sign of stopping) and hasn't found anything. The computer is still infected, all but frozen (cannot open applications or web, too slow). AVG has detected the infections but when I ask it to delete them it says it can't find the files.

I need to call someone right?

  bjh 09:35 13 Oct 2009

No, I don't think so. Taken slowly, you will get excellent advice from posters on here, and you may well not get such good service from a call-out. Also, we don't charge, which is a real benefit!

Firstly, take things slowly. Maybe wait for a couple more answers before you do anything drastic.

Malwarebytes does remove Trust Soldier. Did you update Malwarebytes before it ran the scan? if the scan is taking ages, cancel the scan, update the software, then run a quick scan.... Then run a Full Scan.

Manual removal is possible, but print the deatails out from click here and do this slowly.

Another good spyware remover that is reported to work (and is safe to use - I use it myself) is the free Superantispyware click here It might be worth running this - but not at the same time as malwarebytes.

(Sorry for typos - elastoplast on finger!)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:37 13 Oct 2009

Boot up the computer and keep tapping the f8 button. You will get to a B&W screen with a selection of start up options on it. Using the arrow up/down keys on the right hand side of your keyboard, select 'safe mode'..hit the enter key. This will take you into safe mode and only the basic processes run there. Run Malawarebytes again but select 'quick scan'. Delete all it finds. Reboot and you should be OK.
Run MB again but on deep scan. You could also download Ccleaner from click here and run it weekly to clear out all the accumulated rubbish.


  bjh 09:49 13 Oct 2009

GANDALF <|:-)> 's advice to run it in safe mode first is sound advice, and I meant to say that.

Do post back for more help, and to give us feedback!

  mooly 11:53 13 Oct 2009

I got hit with this one on Saturday hours after it appeared,
click here

In my case it appeared to prevent me from downloading malwarebytes etc

  lc_99 17:49 13 Oct 2009

OK, am now quite confused. Followed your advice, rebooted, ran the quick scan in 'safe mode' and it found nothing. So ran full scan, it found nothing. Rebooted, and can now see no trace of the malware. No pop ups, icons as before, applications running smoothly and no mention of trust soldier in the task manager. Ran quick scan again, no result. Tested updating anti-virus software, allowed me to do so. Downloaded that superantispyware recommendation, it is scanning now.

I don't feel I should trust this... It was clearly on my computer, why should it just disappear of its own accord?

  bjh 09:42 14 Oct 2009

Malwarebytes has got rid of it for you! Presumably, before the reboot, it had found and cleaned it.

If both Malwarebytes and Superantispyware give you a clean bill of health, I really would not worry. So long as both programs were updated, they'll get most nasties between them. You are clean, but it'd be a good idea to run both on full scan again in a couple of days.

Just as a note to anyone else with this kind of problem who drops in on this thread, I'd strongly recommend using these two anti-malwares (or others clearly recommended by a forum thread such as this), rather than doing a Google search and believing the recommendations of many of the "reviews" out there. There are a huge number of sites built to look like independent reviews, but they are just marketing ploys that get the unknowing to install an app that either buggers your computer until you pay for the full software (that then does nothing of use), or are versions that tell you what you have, but you have to pay for the "full" version that can remove stuff!

  lc_99 10:18 14 Oct 2009

Right then I suppose it's OK! Haven't noticed any weird activity, things seem fine.

Thank you all so much, this was kind of you to help out a complete stranger online. It's a good thing for me that computer experts are so adept at using the Internet.

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