Trust MD-3100 Modem prevents other apps opening

  lubylu29 17:46 17 Apr 2006


I've recently got a problem wherby when i connect to the internet, i cannot get any other application to open once i've connected. I can't even disconnect or shut down the computer. Whilst everything looks like its responding, nothing ever comes up.

YOu can stillrun explorer, but event view, task manager and any app will not run once the internet is connected.

I'm running a Trust MD-3100 USB ASDL Modem on Windows XP. It used to work fine, but something i've installed seems to have caused it now to have this problem. I've tried restoring the computer to an earlier point and instlaling and uninstalling, all to no avail. The only option i have now is to remove windows and start again or to buy another modem, but just wanted to see if there's anything i can do first. It would be good if there was some application that would show me what was happening as it seems like some service/file is hanging and causing this problem.


  remind 17:50 17 Apr 2006

Do you run any other devices off your USB ports? There may not be enough juice to power everything. Disconnect any other USB devices, reboot and see how it fares. If things are improved, get a USB hub with its own power supply and plug everything else into that, with the modem still connected directly to your PC.

  lubylu29 18:40 17 Apr 2006

Thanks for the quick response! I tried this, but no luck i'm afraid.

I'm not doing anything unusual - the only usb devices I have are keyboard, mouse and ipod (not plugged in all the time and doesn't seem to be linked to this prob). I'm reluctant to remove itunes just because of the ratings and play info ont here that i don't want to lose.

It definitely seems to be software related, as sometimes it just hangs for say 10 mins, then all your apps pop up, and then other times you can't even get the shut down pop up box. Last time I tried, it wasn't until I tried to shut down and then after around 2-3 mins of hanging, the shut down pop up came up and then all the other apps i'd been trying to get into. Sometimes putting a disc in seems to get the system to 'wake up', other times, this doesn't work either.


  remind 18:48 17 Apr 2006

No need to think about removing software yet, just unplug the devices if possible. Does the event viewer list any problems if you access it without using the internet? Can you run msconfig and disable anything that might interfere? I think ITunes runs a background service of its own which you may be able to bypass, if not from MSConfig, try start menu/run, type services.msc, scan the list for ITunes entries and Stop the relevant service until the next boot.
All your anti-virus and anti-spyware apps up to date and working?

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