Trust 240th Direct Webscan Gold scanner will not scan negatives.

  naviator 16:59 30 May 2012

Unable to scan negatives on my Trust 240th Direct Webscan Gold scanner. Imported via Adobe PhotoShop7. Functions in Positive Colour scan mode. System Windows XP home. Have searched for new driver.

  lotvic 17:55 30 May 2012

You'll have to give more details than that please. Why are you unable to scan negatives? What happens? Do you get any error messages? You say you have searched for new driver, did you find one? If not then ClickHere for the Driver and the manual pdf

  naviator 19:57 30 May 2012

Thank you for your response. Driver download was apparently successful although it made no difference.

Procedure followed in PS7 programme: >File>Import>Trust24th...etc>Scan source>Negative>Kodak>Preview. A 40s 'warm up' took place followed by 'Initialise Scanner' with a yellow box to the right showing '0%'. 'Scanning' appeared to the left of the yellow box with, for a short time, the scanner making noises as if it was trying to work.

Nothing further happened though other than the appearance of the RH edge of a small window behind the main display. This appeared fully when 'Cancel' was pressed, and stated "Adobe Photoshop: could not complete the import command because of a problem with the acquisition module interface. OK"

I have deleted and reinstalled both the scanner and PS7 programmes two or three times taking care to disconnect the scanner completely from the computer and unplugging it's power assembly from the mains supply as well until the software installation was completed.

During P7 re-installation I changed, as advised in the programme, the destination disc from C drive to F drive, the latter being a large portable disc drive. P7 works perfectly well apart from scanner import.

I have had no success whatever in solving the problem and negatives are still not scanned although they are positioned correctly on the flatbed with the tab removed from the scanner cover.

I hope this additional information will help.

  Woolwell 21:34 30 May 2012

I've not got this scanner but have a slide/negative scanner. Does it scan normal photos ok?

Have you tried scanning using the scanning and camera wizard without direct to Photoshop 7?

  lotvic 22:36 30 May 2012

I don't feel that PS7 is problem but also would try a different one to make sure, because it may be a conflict of some sort.

The problem seems to be with the Trust 240th Direct Webscan Gold TWAIN as it doesn't get as far as the preview showing. For some reason it is failing at no:5 (as below - quote from manual). First off, I would check that you have got all aligned properly.

Negatives and slides. These can only be scanned via the TWAIN main window Scanning negatives Note: Remove the cover from the light in scanner cover before scanning photograph negatives (see figure 6). Replace the cover if you are going to scan normal photographs or other paper documents.

Note: Make sure the power cable for the light in the scanner cover is correctly connected to the TA connection on the rear of the scanner.

A template for scanning negatives is also supplied with the scanner. This template can be used to scan negatives and convert then into normal photograph images on your computer. Follow the instructions given below to do this:

1 Place the slide template on the glass plate. Make sure the arrow in the corner of the template is aligned with the arrow on the scanner (bottom left-hand corner) (see A, figure 7).

2 Slide the film with your negatives in the template for negatives (see figure 9). Next, place this template on top of the slide template. Make sure the arrows on the templates are aligned in the bottom right-hand corner (see B, figure 7).

3 Close the scanner cover so that the light in the cover is positioned above the negatives.

4 Open the main TWAIN window in Photo Express as described in chapter 5.2 and select ‘Negative’ for ‘Scan Source’ (see figure 4).

5 A message will be displayed asking whether you first wish to make a preview scan so that you can improve the quality of the scan. Click on ‘Yes’. The light in the scanner cover will be lit and a preview scan will be made of the negatives

  onionskin 23:55 30 May 2012

Have you unlocked the transport lock?

(I'm assuming that there is one on your scanner.)

  onionskin 23:56 30 May 2012

** Oops, forget that, I've just noticed that you said it functions in positive mode.

  onionskin 00:13 31 May 2012

If you've only got a few negatives to do, you could try scanning them as positive slides then inverting the colours in PS7 and seeing if you can filter out the colour cast.

  naviator 03:54 31 May 2012

I have followed my instruction manual Scanning Negatives exactly as you outlined. Webscan Gold TWAIN screen doesn't appear to be working. I have tried copying the negative as a positive too and that doesn't work either. The result is an almost blank white vertical strip which when reversed in PS7, as expected, turns black. I guess the relevant TWAIN bits in the scanner have failed, and there doesn't appear much that can be done as production of this scanner ceased some years ago.

I never have been able to use the scanner without using PS7 as a 'carrier'. There doesn't appear to be any way it can be used independently or with PS Elements9 either.

If, instead of importing the scanner, I select instead WIA-Trust 240th Direct Webscan etc I get the following message "Twain32 could not open the TWAIN source. Make sure there is a valid source for your scanner in the TWAIN directory found in the Windows directory."

There is a TWAIN file in F:\Windows - twain32.dll, and two Twain32 files in F:\Program files - one for PS7 and the other for PS Elements9. I cannot find a way though of using the scanner with Elements9 as I mentioned earlier.

Thank you both again, 'lotvic' and 'Onionskin', for your efforts.

  onionskin 01:58 01 Jun 2012

Same problem?

If you only have a few negatives to scan, you could try your local library - if they have computers for public use, they'll have a scanner which might be able to scan film, (if anyone there knows how it works.)

They probably charge a small fee, then you could email the scans to yourself. Just a thought...

  naviator 19:42 03 Jun 2012

Library scanner will not scan negatives or transparencies. Thanks for the suggestion.

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