Truetype Fonts on a PDA

  Pesala 10:13 17 Aug 2006

Someone is asking me about Pali fonts for use on a PDA. Not having a PDA, I haven't a clue how they work. I presume that they have limited memory.

How do you install Truetype fonts on a PDA? Do they use a special version of Windows? Is there a limit to how many fonts you can install. Do they display bold, italics, etc.

Is there somewhere I can download Truetype fonts for the PDA Operating system to take a look at them?

  Pesala 18:31 17 Aug 2006

Can anyone answer this?

  ton 20:09 17 Aug 2006

I have a PDA but have never installed fonts.

I think the info here click here might help you.

  ton 20:18 17 Aug 2006

On the other points, yes they do have limited memory, but as they usually can take one or even two flash memory cards, and most programs and applications can use these, then in that sense memory is not limited.

The windows is a special Msoft version for PPC and includes cut down versions of Word and Excel.

  ton 20:24 17 Aug 2006

I should point out that the info I've given applies to PDA's with the Msoft PPC.

It does not apply to PDA's with Palm's own version of software.

  ton 20:31 17 Aug 2006
  Pesala 21:50 17 Aug 2006

It looks like PDAs would benefit from a customized version of the fonts, though they will use standard TTF. A full set of four fonts is over 1 Mbyte, but flash memory cards can be 1 Gbyte or more. File size is much more likely to be an issue than on a PC.

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