truetype font for plasma screens

  Superstylin 13:19 14 Oct 2006

hi, i guess this isn't really a computer related question but i thought i'd have a go!

we've just bought an hitachi 42pd9700 plasma screen and notice that some small writing can apear blocky. i#m familiar with this effect since i have a laptop that showed the same thing. for the laptop i used the truetype font which rounds of the blocky appearance. so i was wondering if anyone knows if sucha thing can be found for a plasma screen??

  Stuartli 14:49 14 Oct 2006

It's probably "blocky" because on analogue transmissions the normal 625 lines display rises to 726 on an LCD/Plasma TV; some of the latter sets use a technique to "fill" in such, such as Philips' Pixel Plus.

  Stuartli 14:50 14 Oct 2006

>>use a technique to "fill" in such, such as Philips' Pixel Plus.>> "fill" in these lines, such as Philips's Pixel Plus.

  Superstylin 14:56 14 Oct 2006

would it be the same for digital signals? we receive our signals through sky

  g0nvs 15:04 14 Oct 2006

I have 2 connections on my Panasonic plasma screen, one for "Scart" & one for "Component" The Component gives a better picture than Scart. What connections have you got ? If you can connect via Component, give it a try.

  Superstylin 16:08 14 Oct 2006

the tv is connected via scart at the moment. i'm pretty sure it has the component connection plus hdmi (altho we haven't got hd yet so that's not useful). apart from hdmi, is component the better connection then? apparently it has something called a 15-pin D-SUB jack too but i've no idea what that is!

  g0nvs 16:42 14 Oct 2006

Yes Component IS much better. Take a look here, all your questions will be answered. click here

  Stuartli 16:54 14 Oct 2006

The 15-pin D-Sub is similar to those often used with a computer monitor.

You can buy HD versions of these cables:

click here

  Superstylin 19:31 16 Oct 2006

ok i'll get a component cable and see if that helps, i'll report back and resolve this if it does. thanks guys

  g0nvs 19:55 16 Oct 2006

Don't go mad & buy an expensive cable. Try a cheap one, just 3 Phono leads will do. I noticed a big improvement over Scart this way, before buying a better Component Cable.

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