gavinhodges00 08:01 24 Dec 2008

I downloaded the Truecrypt software from to encrypt my files, but i dont't know how to use it , i want to encrypt video folder in D: drive , please tell me all steps for it.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:15 24 Dec 2008

I am somewhat puzzled as all the documentation is errrrrmmmmmm....on the truecrypt site. click here


  LastChip 22:13 24 Dec 2008

Just follow GANDALF <|:-)>'s link, click on "Beginners Tutorial" (towards the bottom of the Introduction) and follow the instructions that have screen-shots included.

  gavinhodges00 07:32 26 Dec 2008

In Beginner's guide they are creating volume , i don't know what is volume , They have not mentioned how to encrypt the folders.

  LastChip 13:29 26 Dec 2008

It's simply another way of saying the program is going to make a space for the encrypted files.

The encryption is transparent to you. Just follow the instructions, select a strong password and it will all just happen.

  bremner 13:46 26 Dec 2008

In basic terms you create an encrypted file and give it a password.

You then mount this file on your computer - it will then appear in My Computer as another volume with a drive letter (say T)

You double click on T and it opens the volume. You create , copy or move any file or folder you want to secure into the open volume Window.

When you have finished you dismount the file, closing the T volume. All that remains is the encrypted file you initially created.

  gavinhodges00 07:44 29 Dec 2008

Thanks very much for you information, i am not understanding what are you saying , i want to encrypt VIDEO folder in D: drive just tell me steps for this.

  bremner 14:59 29 Dec 2008

Truecrypt does not encrypt an individual file or folder.

You either encrypt the entire disk or volume


You do as I have described in my last post.

  gavinhodges00 09:20 30 Dec 2008

what is mount, how to mount the file.


  canarieslover 13:54 30 Dec 2008

If you don't understand what they are explaining in their guide then don't use the software as it can screw-up your data or even your computer if you just go blindly into it. See this post.
click here

  Jim_F 14:38 31 Dec 2008

I agree with the previous posts - the confusion may be that Truecrypt does not work as you anticipated - it cannot encrypt a folder but it can create its own version of a folder into which you can copy your files.

So in the Truecrypt program you would create a file(volume) with enough space for your files, set a password then select the file and Mount it using Truecrypt.

Mounting a volume causes it to be recognised by Windows and assigned a drive letter - you decide which - that you can open and coppy files into - just like the C: drive.

But I agree with the previous posts - please don't do this unless you're comfortable you understand and preferably have a backup.

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