True Image - can I use it on more than 1 PC?

  six-h 15:50 13 Mar 2009

I've bought a "Boxed" version of TI Home 2009, and just wondered if I am allowed to install it on just one PC, or on any PC?

  cocteau48 16:04 13 Mar 2009

"can I use it on more than 1 PC? ".... yes you can.
I have the same TI 2009 program installed on both laptop and desktop.

  six-h 16:22 13 Mar 2009

cocteau48,thanks for confirming that.
I also subscribe to computer active mag, and a couple of weeks ago they were offering TI 11 as a free download but the "Key" got leaked to the net and the offer was sadly withdrawn which necessitated my purchase!

This issue offers Paragon Drive Copy 9 SE, I'm not familiar with it, and wondered if it was worth the electricity to burn it to a disk, in the event that I had to "sort out" friends or family's machines.
Any opinion??

  cocteau48 16:35 13 Mar 2009

Sorry but I have no experience of Paragon Drive Copy.

  six-h 17:19 13 Mar 2009

Doubt I will either now, if I can use my copy of TI Home. lol

  DieSse 20:14 13 Mar 2009

"Running Instances of the Software. You have the rights to run the Software on one (1) PC. Every PC creating an image and every PC to which an image is either deployed to or restored from must have a valid license."

Quote from the licence agreement you accepted.

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  six-h 23:57 13 Mar 2009

Glad I checked back!
EULA's I'm afraid are not my prefered reading, however, in this case, I've endured it!
Thought it was too good to be true, but I would have thought that in this day and age, they would at least allow you to use it simultaneously on at least two computers that you personally own. After all, most households have a PC, and a Laptop (not that I have) lol.
I might just download Paragon Drive Copy 9 SE, in case it's of use to family or friends.

  DieSse 06:26 14 Mar 2009

Try the free Seagate Disk Wizard - which is just a cut-down version of ATI under a different guise.

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  cocteau48 09:57 14 Mar 2009

From the Acronis FAQ page:

Q: Can I install the Acronis product that I already have on a new PC or workstation?

A: You can use your existing license to install the software on a new PC or workstation if your previous system has been decommissioned.

Without encouraging anybody to infringe their license agreement it is obvious that whatever interpretation you may wish to assign to "decommission" makes their 1 program/1PC clause anything but watertight.

  DieSse 10:24 14 Mar 2009

Note that I didn't say it wouldn't work (installing on more than one computer) - but that it's clearly against the licence terms to install it on more than one system simultaneously.

  six-h 14:42 14 Mar 2009

cocteau48; DieSse,
Perish the thought that we might "bend" the rules..;-)

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