and Firefox

  RISC OS user 12:28 25 May 2014

Since updating to the latest Firefox 29.0.1 I have an annoying URL appearing each time I click the New Tab button, where as before it gave a blank page now it get a "Results by Bing" and a search box, but also the following URL "" I do not want the Bing search page in the New Tab and I do not want the URL or anything connected with it. How do I get rid of both, they do not appear in the Control Panel "Programs and Features". Also what is

  mole1944 13:00 25 May 2014

download malwarebyte and update then run it hopefully that should dispose of it,no guarantee. Doing reinstall of a lady lady's lapi and it got onto chrome and no i have no idea how it got there either.

  Woolwell 13:17 25 May 2014

It's a browser hijacker see trovi com removal. You need to be careful on what you click on when downloading.

  RISC OS user 17:26 26 May 2014

Thanks for the information. I have installed AdwCleaner and it appears to work very well, it cleared my problem mentioned above and lots of other items in the registry. However, there seem to be a lot of other programmes which are down loaded at the same time. One if which is picked up by ZoneAlarm as a Virus and it "treated". Other seem to get through, but I think I have removed these manually. For what appears to be a very good programme it is a great pity that other unwanted programmes are packaged with it. Any comments?

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