Troubleshooting Freezing problem for friend

  Audio~~Chip 19:30 07 Oct 2009

She has a WinXP intel Celeron 3GHz, 2GB DDR memory, 450w PSU, 128MB nVida AGP FX5200.
Problem is the computer is often freezing to a state of no control apart from hitting the reset button or powering the machine of.

I have been round and ran superAnti spyware & Full virus scan, no missing or damaged drivers. I have even run memory test86 twice and Seagate diagnostic twice and tested PSU all ok.

All I can think is either the PSU is not big enough or her Sky broadband is causing it. Would someone like to make a few suggestions to check.

I have noted also there are some Red errors in the winXP log saying "Error on HDD controller" do not understand why it says this if the Seagate HDD test ISO boot image reports nothing and reads as passed when complete.

Their is also a red cross with error "a parity error was detected on \device\ide\ideport2
the driver detected a controller error on Device\Hardisk0\D

Confused what these errors actully mean

  woodchip 19:39 07 Oct 2009

Check BIOS as got S.M.A.R.T enabled

Is it the Event viewer you looked at?

  woodchip 19:39 07 Oct 2009

Also when does it seem to freeze

  Audio~~Chip 19:53 07 Oct 2009

hope your keeping well!

Sorry, yes it's event viewer I got the details from. I will look and see if its got smart option in bios, its a ASRock 775i65g

Think is freezes on her when she is online most of the time. not sure how long it takes before it does freeze but yesterday it was bad freezing and she gave up on it now the weather was also bad and wet yesterday.

They have their sky router in a downstairs room a Ethernet cable goes from the downstairs room outside and up the wall and comes in to the room to the machine where it plugs into the Lan port on rear of machine. I was wondering if there is any dampnesss getting in the cable and comming into the back of the machine ?

  woodchip 19:56 07 Oct 2009

Try a Different Browser, if she uses IE it may be Corrupt try Flock. And yes not bad at the moment. done a bit of Shopping today. Thats been me lot, even had Half Chicken Lunch at Morrison's today to save Washing and cooking

  Audio~~Chip 20:14 07 Oct 2009

in the desert section, had a slice the otherday, great with a cappichino.
She won't like a change to another browser, I let her look at firefox once. The Windows XP SP3 was only clean installed about 3 weeks ago at all patched (by me). I suspect it to be hardware.

Do you think a 450w psu is too low for the specificaton ?

  woodchip 20:20 07 Oct 2009

How many drives fitted and Graphics are what take up the power It only needs to be down on one of these rails on PSU for you to have them problems. 450Watt does not mean much in todays world of cheap hardware. so it could be that. Don't Count USB Drives these should have there own power supply unless for a Laptop, All USB sockets have set limit of power to them, and will shut down if overdrawn on

  woodchip 20:23 07 Oct 2009

You could test a Browser then remove it after

  woodchip 20:24 07 Oct 2009

Forgot to ask is she using Windows Firewall? If so try without it, Disable it. in Control Panel Security

  PalaeoBill 20:32 07 Oct 2009

I know this is a strange request but bear with me. Disconnect the data cable from the DVD drive and leave it disconnected. Power up the PC and let her use it for a few days.
If it cures the problem, let me know. I have a family member who's PC is doing this. I tried replacing the DVD drive and the cable but the problem persisted. I suspect it is mother board related.

  Audio~~Chip 20:41 07 Oct 2009

of my mind, if its a modern pc for your family member which is a SATA HDD being used, a lot of Asus boards don't like IDE optical connections they are fussy and I also read before calling here and posting about possible DVD not reading the XP cd on installation and skipping some required files. So many possibilities with this kind of fault som if you want to work together on this one with me here I invite you in

Thanks woodchip, I have bought her machine round from next door now. She uses same as me Kaspersky 2009 no winXP firewall just Kaspersky.

Their is a Intel 3GHz Celeron 800MHz, 1x1GB DIMMS totalling to 2GB of PC3200 DDR400, 128MB nVidia FX5200, Samsung IDE DVD Wtr, internal Card Reader, 250GB Seagate Barracuda SATA II, Arctic cooling HSF, 450w WinPower branded ATX PSU with its own SATA Power connector and not using an adapter.

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