Troubles with Vista

  hemigod 23:46 21 Aug 2007

G'day guys, I would appreciate some help here, I HATE HATE vista and want to return to XP. Can I do this and how? Thankx

  Kate B 23:57 21 Aug 2007

What do you hate about Vista? How about trying to resolve the problem? It's a much better OS on so many levels, though I'm sure it feels a bit alien at first if you don't like change. It is, however, worth sticking with.

Also, downgrading will be a pain: you'll have to format your disk and you'll have to have a full copy of XP, which will cost you a bit. Is it really worth the hassle when a spot of perseverance might do the trick?

  hemigod 00:04 22 Aug 2007

Thankx but to be honest here I do not want anything fancy from a computer (just the basic tasks) and when I bought the laptop it just had so much junk on it, taking up too much memory. I have a 120gb hard drive and it is saying it is 75% full and I hav'nt stored anything on it yet, making it painfully slow, so yeah for me XP was brilliant.

  gudgulf 00:29 22 Aug 2007

I'd also like to know what issues you are having.

I get random freezes that kick me out of games,give me blue screen errors from audio and chipset drivers,mouse buffer overflow errors and NVidia graphics recovery errors.I also have graphical errors with the latest NVidia drivers that render UAC and other administrative messages illegible(they appear as a mess of horizontal lines).

My system is much more unstable under Vista (I am dual booting with XP Pro as a result so I can run a stable system when needed).

However Kate B is right..Vista has a lot of potential and a good number of features that improve on XP......nevertheless I am not able to rely on it fully yet.

All these are issues which will be resolved in time,but I'm disappointed that so many issues that really affect the usability of Vista are there 6 months after it's official release.

Early adopters are expecting problems/issues but the general computer buyer who purchases a new system to replace an existing pc would expect to get one that works properly right out of the box.

One of the difficulties with Vista seems to be that it doesn't matter what your system spec is....some people seem to have problems and others don't.

Did you buy a system with Vista pre-installed or upgrade a current system to Vista.

Please give as much information as possible so we can try to sort out your problems with Vista or help you revert to XP.

I for one am sticking with Vista as my main operating system....but XP is staying too (it's nice to have a fall back that you know will work reliably and as you have set it up to work over the past few years).

it also seems odd that you only have 30gb(25 %)free space,whats taking up the space?

  gudgulf 00:43 22 Aug 2007

That might be system restore click here

By default it should use 15% or 30GB whichever is the least.......but on some systems this seems to fail and it consumes the entire free disc space.

thanks it was puzzling me

  hssutton 10:14 22 Aug 2007

Vista I just love it, apart from a small problem with an incompatible wireless router (lack of suitable driver) I have no problems. Must admit that I do not play games, as it's used 95% of the time for photo editing/photo forums.

  Kate B 11:18 22 Aug 2007

A wireless router doesn't need any drivers ... ?

  Slithe 12:38 22 Aug 2007

Ok - did your laptop have a restore CD? That might be worth considering using, it will wipe everything off and return the laptop into the state that it was when you first bought it.

Next, a lot of new computers/laptops come full of junk that has to be cleared off. Have a look see what you've got bundled and whether you acutally need any of it - Norton is often included as a trial - get rid of that for a start and you'll notice the difference, a lot of manufacturer utilities on laptops (my Tosh is bloated with them) run in the background and slow things down, since I got rid of those (that runs XP)it has sped up no end.

You don't say what version of Vista you are using. You can disable most of the fancy features that slow your system - the sidebar can be turned off, as can Aero and other effects. Similarly, you can make Vista look like XP/9X by modifying the settings. I've bought a new PC for basic tasks with Vista pre-installed, for Word Processing and Web Browsing it runs as well as XP.

  hssutton 14:25 22 Aug 2007

A wireless router doesn't need any drivers ... ?

Kate B, So why are Linksys telling me that they will not be releasing a Driver/ Firmware Download
for my particular model. Thus making it unsuitable for Vista?

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