Troubles getting onto the internet

  DIYgirl 08:21 04 Mar 2005

I’m having trouble accessing the internet.

I have two connections: both are dial-up, one is a Freeserve pay-as-you-go service, while the other is an Evemail anytime, fixed monthly amount service. I use the Evemail one as my default connection.

Since Wednesday, I have been unable to access any websites using the Evemail account. It connects OK (although it usually has to make several attempts to dial up—this is relatively new too), and I can check my emails OK with it; but when I try to look at most web pages apart from my home one (, I get a message telling me that the page “cannot be displayed”; also, a line at the bottom of the error page says, “Cannot find server or DNS Error”. I don’t know what that means. I have just got online here with the Evemail account, so now don't know what on earth is going on!

Yesterday I also noticed that the dial-up box appeared on my screen at start-up. This has happened before, very occasionally. I ran all the system checks I could: I have Spywareblaster installed, which runs on its own, but I also ran Adaware, Spybot Search and Destroy, a virus checker, Ccleaner (which stopped Norton from running so I had to undo the changes it made), and Norton System Works system checker. I deleted a few things using Adaware, but found no viruses.

I can still get to most websites using the Freeserve connection, but as I have to pay per minute on that one I would rather use the Evemail connection. And even the Freeserve connection is beginning to cause problems, which implies that this is a problem with my computer rather than with Evemail (although Evemail is not without its issues).

Any ideas about what I could do to sort this one out? Not that I’ll be using the computer much over the next few days: we have two feet of snow on the ground still, with no thaw in sight, and our heating system has just quit on us. I’ll be at the Pizza Hut with the children for the foreseeable future, I’m afraid!

  961 09:14 04 Mar 2005

Hi again

If Evemail is run by E-telecom then I'm afraid that company, according to a post on vnunet forums seems to have gone into administration at the end of last year.

On that basis, suggest cancel your direct debit or whatever pretty smartly and sign up elsewhere

Other difficulties may well resolve themselves when the snow goes and the line dries out a bit. I guess recent problems with the line won't be helping

Hope this helps

  961 10:10 04 Mar 2005

If the voice quality on the line is ok then it may be worth checking if Norton or Ccleaner have disturbed the settings for your dial up.

One idea is to set up a new connection to your ISP. You can do this through Internet explorer tools-options-connections-add. Call the new one Evemail 2, or Freeserve 2 use the wizard to enter the various setting to connect to your ISP. Set your homepage initially to something like Google which is reliable and quick to load. If the new connection works then the redundant one can be deleted

I'm not sure how much Norton and/or Ccleaner may prevent certain web pages from loading or if they work well together

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