trouble with win98 format

  Magik ®© 22:14 18 Oct 2004

hi, because of loads of hassle with my son's laptop, we have decided to reformat the drive, he is miles away so we are doing via the phone..

we followed the instructions in the book and we are stuck...we are at the partition bit,we have tried to delete the partitions, and all we get are "primary dod partition already exists" we do not understand all this ,primary dos, extended dos, logical fact we dont know what to do.


  Valvegrid 22:18 18 Oct 2004

You should be able to do a straight format if you want to keep the patitions as they are. If you type FORMAT C: that will format the drive.

  Valvegrid 22:20 18 Oct 2004

This may help: click here

  Magik ®© 22:40 18 Oct 2004

hi again, what we have now is, while i have been on here he has deleted all the partitions, and he has the A:> what ever he types in it comes up with invalid drive specification....

is there any hope..


  dan 11 22:55 18 Oct 2004

Working through fdisk are you. So what are you trying to do, delete the old partitions or create new partitions.

Lets wipe the disk of partitions and then you can start again.

So you have probably started with a 98 floppy and typed fdisk at the command prompt. Have you typed Y to enable large disk support, do this.

You now have the main fdisk screen. unless you have more than one hard drive, doubt this as it's a laptop, do this.

Pick option 3, Delete partition or Logical DOS Drive click here

The new window will open click here I would work from option 4 downwards to option 1. You will probably get this bla bla bla is not present, but keep working to option 1. But remember to keep using the section 3 delete partition main screen.

If this goes well then pick option 1 on the main screen to rebuild the file allocation table, Create DOS partition or Logical DOS Drive and remember to set it active.

  dan 11 23:01 18 Oct 2004

Sorry had to do something and did not refresh before posting.:-(

Have you used option 1 in fdisk to rebuild the fat table and make it active. if so at the

a:\ have you used the command format c: =

a:\ format c:

  Magik ®© 23:27 18 Oct 2004

thanks for that, he is now on his way with reloading windows, followed your insructions.

  dan 11 00:12 19 Oct 2004

Hope your son's installation goes well.

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