Trouble viewing online video

  MoiraB 20:55 06 Feb 2008

I frequently watch recorded demos online and previously had no problems, however in the last couple of weeks I have had perfect sound but the picture either does not appear or appears as a series of "frozen frames". These demos use Windows Media Player and I note in the bottom left corner it says buffering and gives a percentage figure up to 99% or less then starts again and somtimes even goes backwards from the figure it had got to. Any solutions please?

  Technotiger 21:00 06 Feb 2008

You could download/install the latest codec pack if using XP click here

  MoiraB 21:29 06 Feb 2008

Thanks, I did that but still the same problem.

  Technotiger 21:51 06 Feb 2008

In that case, try this then to update your Java ... click here

  MoiraB 11:39 07 Feb 2008

Thanks, have done that but still the same. I can't understand why this has only happened in th last couple of weeks. I've gone back to a restore point 3 weeks ago but that didn't help either. I'm also having trouble with my BT Voyager router (again only in the last few weeks). It cuts off whenever I answer the phone. Maybe they could be connected.

  rdave13 11:44 07 Feb 2008

Could be a filter breaking down. Try changing the one on the Voyager line.

  MoiraB 13:10 07 Feb 2008

I'v already changed the one on the Voyager line and tried disconnection each of the other phones in turn but it doesn't help.

  Technotiger 13:17 07 Feb 2008

If you have more than one phone, each should have its own filter - I have found in the past that simply swapping filters between phones sometimes works - don't ask me why! Also have you tried re-setting your router, disconnect Power from router, wait ten seconds, then re-connect Power to router.

  MoiraB 13:44 07 Feb 2008

Have re-set the router almost daily since the problem started. Will try swapping the filters. We've got a filter on each phone and on a second TV that has Sky but no phone.

  MoiraB 20:37 07 Feb 2008

Put new filters on the main BT inlet and on the Voyager one and the DSL light was flickering more than ever. In desperation disconnected the filter from the surge protector and plugged it into the phone socket direct and now it doesn't cut off when the phone rings. Unfortunately, no improvement on the buffering problem. Still "frozen frames" etc. So please don't give up on me.....

  [email protected] 20:55 07 Feb 2008

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