Trouble transferring large file wirelessly

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I have 2 xp machines one wired to a Netgear 384 router,he other attached wirelessly. I have no problems with the wireless connection on a day to day basis.

I have a 3.8 gig video file on the wired pc. I need to transfer it to the remote pc as that's where my DVD burner is. However the connection seems to drop at various stages. I've got as much as a third across before it crashes - the network not being recognised.

I understand that connections need to be negotiated every now and then Could this be the cause. The best I've been able to find is that a "lease" runs out but that's not for a couple of days. Any idea what the problem is and how I might get round this?



  Strawballs 22:23 26 Jul 2005

The only ting that I can suggest is to temp trail a wire round the house just to do the 1 job

I would if I had one long enough - might resort to taking the disk out and putting it as a temp spare drive and putting it back in the wireless one - a faff though,

No one seems to know what causes the disconnects...

  BigMoFoT 13:30 27 Jul 2005

problem..I don't think there will be a straight answer so what I think we'll need is some info on your setup. What type of WiFi network/encryption hardware specs, filing system specs. What is the strength of the connection when connected normally as a matter of interest?


As before, I have one PC wired to the netgear384 wireless router, the other (downstairs) is conected wirelessly throuth the netgear WG111 USB2 connector.

I have the security settings disabled but the router only allows access by the named PC (it's a "trusted" PC)

Not sure what you mean about storage - I'm transferring from an 80gig disk to another with more than half the space left on each. Both PCs are xp 1800ghz+ processors 512RAM

transfer was, according to the"connection status" wavering fron 24-48mbps and was always very good or excellent. The connection has always been steady and I have not had ay problems on a day to day basis surfing etc

  BigMoFoT 09:25 28 Jul 2005

a thought about your filing system on your HD being fat32 - obvioulsy there are limitations on file size.

I would set a basic 64 bit wep key now that we know it's not a signal or encryption issue. I'm not familiar with your router but I would check the wireless settings for arguments sake. Also, if possible try copying accross smaller files, making your way upto 3.8 gig? I'm presuming this is a DVD image of somesort, if it's a film try copying the VOB files over as they will be around a gig at their max size.
I'm thinking of a hardware issue myself - have you tried repairing the connection?

I think with xp it is ntfs?

just tried again after a connection repair and got best part of a gig before getting "Cannot copy....Specified network name is no longer available" Yes it's a video file (started from a digi camera). I was pleased that I git it to save "so big" as previous efforts over to DVD have been poor quality.

btw the connection window is jumping between 24-48mbps but when I timed the transfer I was transferring a recorde 112mb in a minute which is, on my calculation not even 2mbps. I will look at the vob option..

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