Trouble with Thunderbird

  cleet the don 15:26 27 Sep 2005

I hope someone can help before I lose all my hair. I have a Tiscali(my ISP)and hotmail email accounts that I wanted to put throu Thunderbird but just cannot get it to work. I have downloaded and deleted 'bird 3 or 4 times in case I downloaded wrongly and I'm pretty sure I've done what was asked. Then yesterday I had a "ureka" moment when it all actually worked with my contacts and files in place and e-mails received, then today I open it up and lo and behold, all gone again and can't even log in, getting a message that I'm putting the wrong password in (I'm not ?????).
My system isn't young but pretty much up to date, XP 2, and hotmail going throu Outlook Express then to 'bird.
The only thing I can think of the problem with the password, but I followed the "idiot guides" in Tiscali & 'bird but no luck

  Stuartli 16:08 27 Sep 2005

Did you Import your Outlook Express setup and configuration from Thunderbird's Tools>Import?

  Stuartli 16:10 27 Sep 2005

Could be worth a read here:

click here

  ade.h 16:13 27 Sep 2005

It's not generally a good idea to allow Thunderbird to prompt you for your POP or SMTP password when checking for new mail. Configure it to save the password and logon automatically instead. I and others have found that to be a T'bird weak spot.

  jack 16:36 27 Sep 2005

I would like to but in on this one for my education,but also for cleet the don.
Thunderbird is an E-mail client as is Outook express
once set up and has address book imported etc., runs as your default E-mailer - that is what it does for me. OE then is relegated and not even running.

Then mention was made of HOTMAIL- This is a web based system of MSN and most other ISP's have their own version.i.e log onto your ISP web site, sign into your account and you can read your mail or create new.Entirely separate from E-mail clients and POP and SMTP protocols
Thats is what I have always thought and it works for me that way too.
So have I got it all wrong all these years?

  ade.h 16:45 27 Sep 2005

I think you may have got the wrong end of the stick here. Nobody has mentioned Hotmail or ISP-based webmail services.

  ade.h 16:47 27 Sep 2005

Sorry, pressed the button too early. Was trying to add...

...cleet the don is simply trying to configure Thunderbird to access his email accounts, with the intention of avoiding web-based email logons a'la MSN.

  Stuartli 16:58 27 Sep 2005

Thunderbird is unable to access HotMail and Web based e-mails - it's covered in the Thunderbird FAQ.

  ade.h 17:09 27 Sep 2005

I wondered that, Stuartli, but have never had the need to find out. I gave up on Hotmail a long time ago.

Cleet the don; you should still be fine with Tiscali (I still keep access to an old Tiscali mail account) as it is not solely web-based, but POP/SMTP as well.

  octal 17:19 27 Sep 2005

I've always been able to access my Hotmail, Lycos, in fact all my web based email accounts using this click here

  octal 17:20 27 Sep 2005

I should add, using Thunderbird.

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