Trouble at 't Mill - sorry, scanner

  ernieernie 13:53 03 Jun 2007

I have a problem with my scanner - an Agfa Snapscan e50. Since getting a new computer with Vista installed everything seems to be ok until you tell it to scan and then it just sulks.
I went on the Agfa website and downloaded version 2 which was the only thing on offer but it made no difference. Any ideas?

  mocha 14:19 03 Jun 2007

I think the e50 scanner drivers are up to XP only.

  Pineman100 14:25 03 Jun 2007

I think Mocha is right. I had an Agfa scanner, and I seem to remember that they gave up the scanner market some years ago - long before Vista's arrival.

  mocha 14:30 03 Jun 2007

You could try here they claim to have it.

click here
The Web Site is click here

Just in case my first link is messed up.

  ernieernie 08:24 08 Jun 2007

I manaaged to download a program called VueScan ($39) which enables it to run but I would rather have the one I'm used to. Anyway I don't have to buy a new scanner.
Problem more or less solved.
Thanks, Mocha and Pineman for your help. I was wondering if I had made a mistake in getting a new computer.

  Miros 08:47 08 Jun 2007

I think I read that one of the problems with Vista is compatibility with other components. it would put me of buying due to the aditional costs.

There is a compatability list from Windows click here which i trust may help you.

  tullie 09:03 08 Jun 2007

Just tried that link,would you believe,its not compatible

  Miros 12:34 08 Jun 2007

Not suprised, I'm sticking with XP till one of us blows up :-)

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