Trouble with system restore in W7.

  john bunyan 22:56 29 Jan 2014

One of my PC's has AVG free. In attempting a system restore, it failed and suggested a retry with anti virus off. I did a temporary disable of AVG with an automatic restart of AVG on pc restart, and retried the system restore but it still did not work. Is there a better way (how to switch off AVG even on restart?) Alternatively are there any problems with doing a system restore in safe mode?

  bumpkin 23:33 29 Jan 2014

OK, lets rule something out, do you have dual boot on your pc with another OS.

  john bunyan 10:12 30 Jan 2014

This is a grand daughters PC. Not dual boot. Only W7 64bit. I installed AVG as av and PC Tools as firewall - also Win Patrol. Did scans with AVG, Malawarebytes and SAS prior to 2 failed attempts at a system restore. This was to retrieve a problem (on another thread) with an iTunes update.

I did a ATI image of the c drive also a few days ago so maybe that is worth a try to restore from that first, before a safe mode attempt to avoid losing previous restore points? A bit difficult as I am using Teamviewer to do these things from 100 miles away, so constant rebooting is a problem. Maybe worth turning off AVG at boot by changing start in msconfig , also a temporary turn off prior to commencing the system restore!

  john bunyan 10:18 30 Jan 2014

Just found this - will study it.

AVG Forums

  john bunyan 11:24 30 Jan 2014

Not sure if any other AVG users have found this issue. An AVG "guru" suggests in Advanced options, turning off AVG Self Protection to solve this issue. Will give it a try before other options (if she can spare the time between Uni Lectures and late night partying!)

  Secret-Squirrel 12:53 30 Jan 2014

John, it's quite common for System Restore to fail like that in Normal mode so it's not necessarily an AVG issue. Jock1e's advice regarding running System Restore in Safe Mode is a good one and usually works. It won't remove any existing restore points.

However, because your grand daughter's running Windows 7 she'll stand a much better chance of success using the version of System Restore that runs outside of Windows. It isn't difficult nor time-consuming and you can guide her over the phone:

Start the computer and immediately start tapping the F8 key quickly until you get to this screen. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, select "Repair your computer" then hit the Enter key. Follow the prompts and you'll quickly arrive at this screen where you can choose "System Restore". It looks the same as the one you're familiar with but the dates are in the US format (month, day).

It'll be a lot less faff than fiddling with AVG. If it doesn't work there either then it can't be an AVG problem and is a Windows problem.

  john bunyan 13:05 30 Jan 2014


Thanks very much for the suggestion - I will get her to give it a try.

  john bunyan 13:49 30 Jan 2014


I tried it with 2 windows 7 PC's. The Ultimate version did not have a "Repair Your Computer" Option, only the Safe mode etc. The w7 Home Premium laptop did have the " Repair your computer" option, but when selected your second link did not appear - only a message saying "Windows failed to start due to a hardware error" - no sign of the repair options on your second screenshot.

  john bunyan 14:19 30 Jan 2014

I think that the option suggested depend son how the W7 was installed. In the case of my W7 Ult, it was from a Bought CD. The Laptop from Toshiba had an OEM . Not sure what system install Secret-Squirrel has. Looks as if I will try the fiddle with AVG or the ATI image restore.

  Secret-Squirrel 14:49 30 Jan 2014

In my experience, the vast majority of Windows 7 computers from big-name manufacturers have the "Repair your computer" option. If your grand daughter's PC is from such a company then she should have it too.

If you're reluctant to pursue this then Plan B would be to get her to do the F8 thingy at startup and choose "Safe Mode with Networking". AVG (plus a load of other things) won't be running in that mode so you'll stand a better chance of success. You can use TeamViewer too when the computer's booted into Windows.

If you want to add the very useful "Repair your computer" option to your Windows 7 Ultimate PC then I found this. I've never done it myself but it looks like it should work.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:45 30 Jan 2014

"If you want to add the very useful "Repair your computer" option to your Windows 7 Ultimate PC.............."

On second thoughts John, you don't need to do that. Because you've got the Microsoft Win 7 DVD you simply start the PC with that to access the recovery options if you get into trouble.

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