trouble shooting a windows XP problem

  cosmosis 17:59 21 Sep 2006

I installed the trial version of Blaze Media Pro and it worked great. When the trial ran out I bought a registration key and as soon as I entered it I got that "This program has caused a problem and must close" error message. I uninstalled it, reinstalled it and got the same thing. Their tech support sent me 5 different versions of the program and the problem persists so I doubt the problem is with Blaze. I went through the registry and cleaned out all traces of the program between installs. I even did a system restore and went back to before the trial ran out. My guess is there is something in XP that is preventing the program from running. I have NO clue how to troubleshoot something like that though. I looked on the Microsoft website but got no help there. Does any here know how to fix a problem like this?

  skidzy 18:18 21 Sep 2006

When you try to open the program do you get any error reports ?

It may be possible you have a conflict with Media Player or possibly another Burning/Editing program.

If you do have another program running in the background,try to disable this and then try running Blaze.

Start/Run/type "msconfig" without the quotes./startup and untick anything relating to any other cd/dvd burning or editing programs./ok/Reboot and try Blaze again.

  cosmosis 18:33 21 Sep 2006

Thanks for your suggestions. I ran the msconfig and stopped 4 things from running at bootup. I rebooted and now when I try to open the program I get an error message that says this:

Protection Error

Debugger detected-Please close it down and restart.

WindowsNT users: Please note that having the Win/SiftIce service means that you are running a debugger.

I have never in my life seen that error message so I have no clue what it is talking about.

  skidzy 18:41 21 Sep 2006

Ok,retick them and see if this error pops up again.

You obviously have a conflict somewhere,its a matter of finding where.

I have no idea at this time of that error message,maybe someone can enlighten us more.

Have a look in Device Manager once you have ticked the 4 again.

In Device manager,look for any yellow exclaimation marks and post back if any and what under.

Start/right click my computer/properties/hardware/Device manager.

  cosmosis 18:51 21 Sep 2006

First ... thanks for your help. I re-ticked the items and rebooted. Under device manager there is an exclamation point by USB camera but that has always been there. I still got that debugging message though.

  skidzy 19:04 21 Sep 2006

Ok try system restore to stop the debug message,im trying to find out why you got this message.

Can you tell us exactly what you unticked in msconfig

  cosmosis 19:12 21 Sep 2006

I did a system restore a few days ago that should have put the computer in the middle of the trial period. I installed the software from the cd that they sent me earlier today and that is when I got the debugger error. I uninstalled that and reinstalled the downloaded version and its back to the "This program will close" error message. The items I unticked were 3 MMTray items (codecs), one called NeroCheck and one called qttask so I guess there were 5. Those 5 are not running now and Blaze still wont open.

  skidzy 19:19 21 Sep 2006

Ok,ive done a little research and i think its something to do with nero,and Visual C++ 6.
try uninstalling NERO then reboot and try Blaze again.
You may have to uninstall Blaze again.

Also after uninstalling both of these,try using registry cleaner,such as Regscrubxp click here

  cosmosis 20:12 21 Sep 2006

Well I got rid of Nero and BMP installed and started normally! Thanks for the help!! It still seems crippled even after I registered it though. Maybe tech support can help with that though.

  skidzy 20:19 21 Sep 2006

I had a look through there FAQ's and seems like its pretty error prone.
I do hope you get it sorted cosmosis.

Glad to be of help and good luck.

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