trouble setting up an LAN between 2 pcs

  Gudge 8 21:18 08 Jun 2005

I have 2 pcs to connect and a 56k modem on the master pc.....ive tryed following all the wizard of Windows XP and it shows the network connection but I cant see the other PC anywhere or visa-versa. I did get a message 'Limited or no conectivity' and the reason was something about not having a network address. Also on the 'Show workgroup computers' tab the only computer i see is my own...yes i did type the same workgroup into both pcs.

Any help would be great!


  AndySD 09:36 09 Jun 2005

You will need to go into the properties of any firewall you have on either pc

  Smickers 15:21 09 Jun 2005


First thing first, are you connecting the pc's directly? If so are you using a crossover cable? If you are using a crossover cable or a network switch with 2 straight cables then read on...

you mentioned about the netowrk address. Have you set up static ip addresses? if you have had a fiddle (or haven't for that matter), set one pc to and the other to

If you don't know what that means then on both pc's:
a. right click the local area connection and click properties
b. Highlight Internet protocol (tcp/ip)
c. Click on Properties
d. Click the radio button for 'use the following ip address'
e. enter on the pc with the modem
f. enter on the other pc
g. enter for the subnet mask on both
h. enter for the gatewaty on both

Click 'use the following dns' radio button

on both machines enter
Leave the other field blank

Once done, go to the command prompt and try pinging the other machine. So, if you're on the pc with the modem (which has an address of go to start - run - type cmd then click ok. Type ping press enter. (you can do the same from the other machiney, but obviously ping

This will test the basic connection. You should get 4 replys. If no replys then turn of the firewall for the local area cannection only on both machines - make sure you keep it enabled for the modem.

If you get replys, then try to browse as you were doing before. Let us know how you get on.

The networking wizard is great when it works but fails more often than not.

Hope that gives you a start

  Gudge 8 17:27 09 Jun 2005

Hi I got the problem of the error message fixed and I think the 2 computers mite be seeing one another but I still cant seem to see the other computer in the 'workgroup computers' folder. When I try and do the 'Add network place' thing I type in the \\Matty (which is the name of the other computer and it comes up with...'Windows requires a share to publish to. Please try again'

  Gudge 8 17:33 09 Jun 2005

And also when I go into the command processor, and try to ping the other computer: it comes up with 'Request timed out' 4 times and then
Packets: Sent= 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss)......any ideas????

Cheers for the other tip

  selfbuild 18:07 09 Jun 2005

1. Have you set any folders to be shared on either PC?

2. Disable the firewalls on both PCs and try to ping again.... Note: Make sure you are not connected to the internet when you disable the firewalls.

  Smickers 21:33 09 Jun 2005

Are the pc's xp home or pro?

  Gudge 8 22:15 09 Jun 2005

They r both on pro with SP2 installed

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