Trouble Putting Operating System Back On

  M7MAK 13:12 06 Aug 2003

i have used my windows 2000 pro disc to format the hard drive which worked ok ,but when i agree with terms by pressing f8 it asks me to put cd in but doesnt reconise it its allready in as i booted up with it .it allso asks that i could put in any windows discbut doesnt see my me disc either,is it because it is a upgrade disc?.will i have to put windows me back on instead first? if so how do i do this thanks.

  vinnyT 15:00 06 Aug 2003

When it's asking for the cd, is it looking in the right location, ie. is setup prog looking in say c:\ when it should be looking in d:\ (assuming d:\ is your cd drive).

When using an upgrade ver of the os, it is usual just to insert the previuos ver.(ME, in your case) and the setup routine will verify from this that you are entitled to use it. Hope this helps.

  Djohn 15:15 06 Aug 2003

Is your Win. ME. CD also an up-grade version?

  Djohn 16:31 06 Aug 2003

Via e-mail.


it doesnt say restore on it it came from dell im sure it is the full program.

  Djohn 16:33 06 Aug 2003

It may be that your CD drive is not reading the disk correctly! do you have a second CD drive to use? Allso try cleaning the CD itself. j.

  Djohn 16:37 06 Aug 2003

There is no need to install Win. ME. 2000 will ask you to insert your qualifying operating system disk after installing the set-up files and before continuing with install. j.

  Djohn 11:46 07 Aug 2003

Received via e-mail, M7MAK contacted me and I gave him another couple of things to try, seems to have worked ok. j.


Hi I had to boot up with the windows me disc format the hard drive again then put windows 2000 pro upgrade on and wait for it to change the files to ntfc a bit long winded but its on now don't know why the windows 2000 disc couldn't see my me disc,it booted on its own ok. thanks for you help

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