Trouble playing audio CD's

  bob236 22:59 12 May 2007

I've recently burnt two audio CD's for my daughter. I played them on my mini CD player and they were perfect. My daughters mini system shows 'No Disc Found' when she tries to play them. I took them back and they still work o.k. on mine. This also occurred last year when I burnt one for someone else. It played o.k. in my player but wouldn't play in her car CD player. I tried it in my car and it was O.K. Any ideas? It can't be my DVD burner that's at fault.

  SANTOS7 23:06 12 May 2007

Would much depend on the file format and if it was burnt as a multi-session CD, which most standalone players do not like...

  bob236 23:15 12 May 2007

Hi Santos7. 'scuse my ignorance. I ain't had the burner long. I use Nero which came with it. I don't understand what you mean by multi-session.

  bob236 23:18 12 May 2007

Forgot to mention. Someone else burned a CD for her last year and it plays o.k. on her system. Puzzled.

  rdave13 23:24 12 May 2007

After burning it must be finalized to have a hope of playing on other CD players.

  bob236 23:34 12 May 2007

Appreciate that Dave but as you see, it plays o.k. on one system not on another. When burning, I let the operation go all the way, following the on screen instructions.

  rdave13 23:37 12 May 2007

And the session is finalized..yes?

  SANTOS7 12:17 13 May 2007

Hey bob236 if you are burning your discs in one go you are not useing the multi-session format, which is exactly what it sugests, you can basically burn stuff to disc leave it as it is then add more at another time, as you are not doing that it is not an issue.
What might be an issue is the file format you are useing to burn your discs if we can establish that we can go from there..

  skidzy 12:30 13 May 2007

Also try using a different media.
You mentioned someone else burnt a disc a while ago for her, this different media.

Some players are really fussy on what media is accepted,try a different brand of disc and see if that works.

  bob236 01:06 15 May 2007

Next time I burn a disc I'll try another make of CD and I'll keep an eye on this finalizing thing. It must tell me something about that when the disc burning process is finished. I've not noticed it before. I'll get back on that later today, I expect. Thanks for the replies so far.

  bob236 23:58 27 May 2007

I burnt another CD on a different brand of disc and I am certain that everything is o.k. with my machine. The newly burnt disc still didn't play on the other Hi-Fi.
We've come up with a possible answer. The old burnt disc that was done a few years ago(3 maybe), that plays o.k., was done on a CD-R. All the discs I have used to burn have been CD-RW. Any views? I am getting the daughter to buy a box of CD-R so I can try again. Might be an expensive way to find out either way(unless I could buy one disc; I doubt it.)

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