trouble with photo prog

  bowl 23:04 26 Jan 2005

Hi I used to have a canon printer and have changed it for a HP and now the easy photo prog installed will not work the message says no supported printer found any ideas please as I like the easy photo prog thanks

  johnnyrocker 23:31 26 Jan 2005

i would think canon and hp would not have a chance of collaboration what does your new printer offer you by way of accessories?


  Andsome 08:40 27 Jan 2005

If you are trying to use a Canon program with a HP printer, I think you will be out of luck, or have I misunderstood the question?

  jack 09:03 27 Jan 2005

Concur with all
Printer Specific software will generally not perform with other makes.

Get your self any one of many 'proper ' Photo editing progs - Some are free for the example
The Gimp.
Or sport out for Roxio Photo Suite
or Paint Shop Prop
or any of the Serif series
Lots to choose from
But as a starter dont go for Photo Shop
costs lots of Dosh and a very steep learning curve

  BRYNIT 09:56 27 Jan 2005

It may be that you need to checked print setup in the program is set to HP printer

  ventanas 10:09 27 Jan 2005

I have this program for my Canon inkjet. There are three other printers install on this machine. The drop down printer list within Easy Photo Print only shows the Canon inkjet. It would seem therefore that you have to have a Canon printer to use this program.

  oldal 11:37 27 Jan 2005

You can use IRFANVIEW for printing photographs it will use, as far as I am aware, any printer and its free ! See click here

  2neat 12:35 27 Jan 2005

or bonusprint for printing photos

  bowl 23:19 27 Jan 2005

Thanks for all your comments the reason I like this prog is the face lightening button as a lot of faces seem dark as I am still learnig


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