Trouble with Outlook in Oiifice XP Pro

  Chris the Ancient 17:02 27 Sep 2008

Following on from having changed from Office 2003 to Office XP Pro as cleared in an earlier thread, I am having problems with the Outlook XP.

Office XP Pro has been configured such that everything has been loaded and set to "Run from computer".

OS is XP Home.

In Outlook XP...

If I open Outlook XP, the starting window of Outlook opens up and that is followed by a dialog box saying "Unable to open your default e-mail folders. Could not open item. Try again?" So I click "OK".

Next dialog box says "Would you like to open your default File System instead?" Click "Yes" and, according to the title bar, I get "My Computer - Microsoft Outlook".

So, methinks, let's try doing it the other way. I open Outlook Express (where, fortunately, I had backed up my old Outlook 93 folders) and try to do a File/Export/Messages action.

First dialog box says "This will export messages from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange". Clicked the "OK" button.

Dialog asks me to "Choose profile", so I chose "Outlook" and clicked "OK". Then asked to sekect email folders to export. Needless to say, I chose the "All folders" option and clicked "OK".

Then things grind to a halt with the message "The export could not be performed. Your default MAPI store could not be opened."

And then my brain cell goes into melt-down.

I have tried a google search on that final message, but things called up don't help my (limited power) brain at all.

I could use OE, but I'm more used to Outlook. So how do I get over these (to me) insurmountable problems?


  Woolwell 17:09 27 Sep 2008

It could be that Outlook XP is looking for files that have been removed when you uninstalled Outlook 2003. Outlook Express uses a different file format to Outlook which uses .pst. You should have had an Outlook pst file for the 2003 version. You may need to get Outlook XP to find that.

  Chris the Ancient 17:16 27 Sep 2008

Cor, that was quick!

I have found, tucked away, Outlook.pst (sigh of relief).

How do I get that into my new Outlook XP?


  VoG II 17:26 27 Sep 2008

This may help click here

  Woolwell 17:27 27 Sep 2008

Now I'm stuck as I cannot remember for XP Home (I'm now on Vista). Someone else will be along.

  Woolwell 17:28 27 Sep 2008

VoG™ has been along while I was typing.

  Chris the Ancient 17:36 27 Sep 2008

Good link.

But, it's all assuming that I can get to import a .pst file.

Unfortunately, I can't even get as far as being able to import a .pst file in the early bits of outlook because it will not get me into a position of being able to either set a profile so that I can import. It either exits or goes to that "My Computer" setting. :-((


  VoG II 17:42 27 Sep 2008

Clutching at straws a bit here but try Detect and Repair on the Help menu.

  Chris the Ancient 17:45 27 Sep 2008

Done a couple of them!

Going to try a complete removal and reload (gulp) - so back in a while.

  Chris the Ancient 18:36 27 Sep 2008

Completely stripped all Office stuff and had a good tidy up. Still no joy.

As everything else seems to work, and Outlook is not drop dead important as I can use OE instead, it looks as though I shall have to put up with just that.

Unless anyone knows different...


  Chris the Ancient 19:57 27 Sep 2008

Despite very thorough uninstalls using both the Office uninstall, Revo Uninstall and RegSeeker, I am beginning to realise that many things lurk in the depths of the registry because they sneak in through things like MailWasher (unless that is the cause of the problem?). Mailwasher is finding all sorts of old account information when it tries to do an email account setup wizard run.

Me thinks I need some days off and do a complete system rebuild - and as I haven't got that available at the moment, I shall have to just grin and bear it until then.


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