Trouble with old version of Outlook Express

  Diemmess 17:07 06 Aug 2009

'Wife's friend has a computer running Win 98, IE5 and OE5
Dial up connection with

The problem seems to be her email (Outlook Express)has a new huge file incoming which is "blocking the pan"
On opening OE, the hour glass continues for a minute or so and then says trouble with a server.

She has tried in OE tools to extend the period before time out and the result is that the computer then shuts down after about half an hour.

The big snag slowing help, is the old one of dial-up blocking any phone call and worse the phone is downstairs and the computer upstairs.

I came across a MS help which is for version 4 and would block any file size over a give size.

Any ideas please?

I asked her if she would miss any of the emails were they deleted? Her response "Not a bit"

The rest of the computer works fine as it has done. This appears to be an email, not an Internet problem.

  DieSse 18:16 06 Aug 2009

Either use webmail to delete it from the server - or get her to let someone trusted download it for her to "free-up" her server inbox.

I used to have to do this loads of times when I first got broadband, and most of my clients were still on dial-up.

  Jim Thing 18:59 06 Aug 2009

Are there many e-mails in her Inbox? I've found that OE gets indigestion whenever I've allowed a stack of emails (say 100+) to pile up in my Inbox instead of filing them away in the appropriate folders. A good clear-out works wonders...

...a bit like meself really :-)

  Diemmess 09:26 07 Aug 2009

If I understand your suggestion -
[or get her to let someone trusted download it for her to "free-up" her server inbox] -

Do you mean that if she will give me her password I could simply download her email and delete enough to have things moving again?

This seems the best way, bearing in mind that she cannot load OE at the moment, due presumably to OE's insistance on tryng to download before accepting any mouse instructions?

I presume that there is no easy way to tinker with any files on her C: drive to clear the culprit?
Any instructions to do that would involve the poor woman following to the letter some list which could wreck her system if she made a simple typo error..... the mind boggles!

  Jim Thing 11:26 07 Aug 2009

I'm no expert, and my suggestion about clearing the Inbox may be rubbished by someone who knows more about things than I do, BUT...

From time to time, my website generates quite a lot of e-mail correspondence. I have a separate folder (under Local Folders) for each correspondent, but my admin is a bit sloppy and I don't always file these e-mails away as often as I should.

Occasionally my OE becomes unusable because it times out, which seems to be a similar problem to the one your wife's friend is having. Through trial and error I've discovered that I can solve it by bringing my filing up to date — i.e. by dragging e-mails from the Inbox and dropping them into the appropriate folder, or deleting them altogether.

I suspect that the problem is caused by the Inbox becoming constipated, and the solution seems to be to create some free space in there. At least it works for me...

  Sea Urchin 14:14 07 Aug 2009

I think DieSse's suggestion is the best - go to the ISP mail website and delete the problem message. You can obviously read/print it first for your records.

  Diemmess 14:33 07 Aug 2009

I'm not going to tick this yet because the deed has yet to be done and I'm not sure that in true Windows fashion there won't be something which upsets the scheme before it is complete.

Logistics is one of those grand words that can cover almost anything, so with this problem the fact that she lives 20 miles away and seems to be out most of the day doesn't help!

I'm fairly sure she will give me her password over the phone.
If she would feel more secure she can change her PW just for this occasion, but that alone adds more hassle if she wants me to help her do that.

The whole problem seems based on the fact she still uses dial-up, and has a friend who will paste large pictures into the mail rather than attach as a separate file.

  Diemmess 10:01 19 Aug 2009

The lady has had her problem fixed during a visit of family friends.
It seems that while "Father" had set up the thing long ago, he wasn't very sure how to help, but his son (Whiz-Kid) did something and the problem was resolved.

Isn't it the young who are intuitive and able to simplify/solve a problem?
Granted some youngsters are the cause of the problem in my family anyway!

My wife met the lady last night and came home with a very nice bottle of wine for me.

Another truism in my experience is that gratitude is inversely proportional to the amount of effort I have put in to fixing their computer.

  Diemmess 10:11 19 Aug 2009

I should have included the fact that she couldn't remember her password!
It seems that she has continued dial-up with Online UK long after the ISP had ceased to dealwith dial-up customers, but the password is "remembered" by the software.

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