Trouble with NetObjects Fusion

  Si_L 21:23 16 Jun 2007

I have selected a design template using the wizard, and I noticed after fiddling around with it, when I preview the page it looks fine, but when I click on the site preview, the template goes weird.

I opened up a new site and haven't made any changes to it to show you what I mean.

Does the site preview show it exactly as it will be when it is published on the internet?

If someone could explain how to fix this I would be very grateful.

The first pic is page preview.

click here

This is the site preview.

click here

  mco 00:44 17 Jun 2007

I've had a look and a think but,short of trying to replicate it myself in my NOF I'm not entirely sure. The issue seems to be something to do with the text 'Home' - try deleting it (it's not necessary as you've got the title 'welcome' and the nav bar 'home' anyway - and see if that helps. I'll see if I can find the same design tomorrow and have a play (unless someone else sorts it for you in the meantime)

  Si_L 02:09 17 Jun 2007

Thanks mco.

It is a standard template, I used one under 'restaurants' on NOF9. I didn't change anything, but it put some details in based on what I had inputted into the fields beforehand.

  mco 23:05 17 Jun 2007

Really sorry I didn't get back earlier but have spent literally all day preparing stuff for a job tomorrow - will have a look tomorrow, promise

  mco 23:23 18 Jun 2007

Well.. I loaded up the same template but try as I did I couldn't get it NOT to look the same in page preview as it does in site preview... if you haven't done too much on it already I would advise you to start again - see if the same 'error' occurs a second time. Whatever it is I think it is a minor thing and nothing to put you off NOF!

  brundle 23:28 18 Jun 2007

Is it a rendering problem, have you tried it using Internet Explorer?

  Si_L 21:20 24 Jun 2007

I am opening it in Firefox. That is the default browser.

  mco 22:14 24 Jun 2007

what happens when you do open it in IE? (you can download IE as well, and it's a good idea to have more than one browser to test it on anyway.) I tried the template in IE and it worked.

  Si_L 00:16 25 Jun 2007

It worked :)

But how do I get it to work in firefox?

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