Trouble with mouse and keyboard in safe mode

  Bodice 21:25 13 May 2005

I am trying to do a viruscan in safe mode but when i boot the pc up in safe mode the keyboeard and mouse stop working, and anyone help me.

  VoG II 21:27 13 May 2005

Which version of Windows and are these USB devices?

  TomG 21:28 13 May 2005

Are they usb or wireless? - If so I don't think they work in safe mode

  Bodice 21:29 13 May 2005

I am running windows ME and the keyboard is wireles and the mouse is usb

  TomG 21:30 13 May 2005

good equaliser Vog!

  TomG 21:35 13 May 2005

That will be your problem I suspect - safe mode loads with the minimum drivers (etc) so you will need the original mouse and keyboard.

  Bodice 22:01 13 May 2005

i have tried using the original mouse and keyboard and now its not reconising them hence they arent working now, i dont know whats happened but the usb mouse and my wireless keyboard get me to safe mode and stop working and the original mouse and keyoboard dont work!! stuck big time!!!

  quack 23:08 13 May 2005

Silly question perhaps but are you sure you have the old PS2 keyboard and mouse plugged into the right outlets? Keyboard should be closest to side of case with mouse alongside.

  TomG 17:07 14 May 2005

There should also be a picture against the socket - some are also colour coded

  zebbydog 17:22 14 May 2005

i have the same trouble will not reconised cable mouse and keyboard after disabling wireless set up

  bazza2 09:27 26 May 2005

I have used a a PS/2 Microsoft Intellimouse (the standard type with a wheel) for years.
I recently installed a Microsoft Intellimouse Optical USB device, which works fine.
I also use a USB to PS/2 adapter, which allows me to plug the USB mouse into my PS/2 port.
However, when I boot into safe mode on Win 98se the mouse does not work (eventhough it is plugged into the PS/2 port).
Knowing that there is a problem with USB in safe mode, I rebooted into safe mode, with my old PS/2 ,mouse plugged in.
Unfortunately that one will not work either.
Would the new mouse drivers have removed/overwitten my old ones?
Is there any way that I can get my old mouse working in safe mode?


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