Trouble getting internet connection

  geek84 09:29 26 Aug 2010

Hi Folks

I have both a wireless laptop and desktop. My provider is virgin media who have given me a router and a modem for wireless internet connection. Up until recently, I could get connected to the internet on my desktop (located upstairs), without much of a problem, although it was a bit slow. I had trouble getting internet connection to my laptop. 9 times out of 10 it would not connect. This problem only started about a month or two ago. Anyway, I rang virgin media to explain the problem & they sent out a technician who I presume sorted the problem. However, the problem has not gone way entirely. It is the other way round now! I can get connected to the internet on my laptop, but not on my desk top!

Can you please advice what the best solution would be? By the way, I have placed both my router and modem downstairs next to the TV (where all the main sockets are). Do you think placing both the router and modem at a different location in the house would remedy the problem?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  gengiscant 11:34 26 Aug 2010

The router transmits on a frequency that is very far removed from the TV spectrum, plus its output power is very low. So I cannot see any problems there. But it would not hurt to move it away from the TV.
The router is best if it is as close to your main telphone socket as possible. I moved mine and certainly noticed the difference.
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  birdface 14:28 26 Aug 2010

Maybe any digital phones near them may cause problems.
Just check that Modem has all normal lights on.
You are connected by Ethernet from the modem to the Router.
Switch both off at the main.
Wait 2 minutes and turn the Modem back on wait another 2 minutes and turn the Router on and see if that makes any difference.

  birdface 14:31 26 Aug 2010

Should have asked are you connected by cable.
if not ignore last.
I mean cable straight into the back of the modem.

  birdface 10:21 28 Aug 2010

Must have lost the connection again.

  geek84 09:35 14 Oct 2010


I am thinking of buying a wireless repeater in order to solve this internet connection problem. Has anybody got one already? If so, is it worth the money? Would you recommend any makes/models?

Finally, do you think it wouls be better if I buy one over the internet or buy one from a local retailer?

Many thanks

  HondaMan 13:38 14 Oct 2010

If you are within a single property, a repeater is probably a waste of money. I use my laptops in the garden and garage which is about 20 meters from the router with no problem.

To set the router up you should connect to it with a network cable, from either the desktop or laptop, set it up according to the instructions you have been given. The other computer should then connect without any problems.

A couple of points arise:
1) Why are BOTH connecting wirelessly?
2) How far away is your main computer (presumably the desktop)?
3) Make and model of router/modem andf desktop computer?
4) Operating system?

  geek84 14:48 14 Oct 2010


Thanks for your reply. My provider is Virgin Media and they gave me the modem and router. One of them has the words D-Link on it - I don't know if that means anything to you.

For a while, both my desktop and lap top were getting wireless connection at the same time. I just assumed that was normal. So, are you saying that I need another wireless connection (i.e. another set of routers and modems for wireless connection to both laptop & desktop? My modem and router are downstairs whereas my desk top is based upstairs in the house. My desk top runs on windows 7.
I hope I have given enough info for you folks, and would be grateful if you could provide any further advice.

Thank You.

  BT 17:08 14 Oct 2010

One thing you have not mentioned is whether your Virgin connection is via cable or phone line. If its cable then the proximity or otherwise to the phone socket is immaterial. The Modem will be connected to the Cable line and the router plugged into that.

I don't have the Virgin router, I'm an old customer and they only give that stuff to new customers. I have the Virgin Modem obviously, and a Buffalo router. My Desktop is connected to the router by a wire and I also get a good wireless connection 3 rooms away with a laptop (and Nintendo DS). If your computers are both remote from the router they should still be OK. It does help if you can site the router in an elevated position, and away from obstructions, especially anything metallic.

  geek84 16:27 15 Oct 2010


My virgin connection is via cable. The router & modem is located underneath the TV stand - downstairs. It is well away from the phone socket, and my desk top computer is upstairs.

Is that a good position to place the router & modem?


  BT 16:31 15 Oct 2010

Doesn't really matter where the modem is but the Wireless router may give better performance if it were located higher up, on a shelf perhaps.

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