Trouble on forums

  Ade_1 11:26 27 Dec 2005

Hi, i have some forums of my own (just starting up) to do with my interests, but i have someone who continuously joins and i keep deleting him but i think he is advertising pornograhpical websites after reading one of his links. He has not posted and i cannot get the right time when he is on the foorums themselves to get his ip. Is there anyway i can ban him or not?

I am using phpBB

  Ade_1 11:28 27 Dec 2005

He reregistered but only once as last time he did it 3 times, but i am not sure about this link but i am wary of clicking on it. Like i said though he has had pornographical sites in his signature etc...

Thought id add it just to inform you

  stalion 11:31 27 Dec 2005

if you want an experienced and informed answer on this I would contact the Forum Editor

  Ade_1 11:31 27 Dec 2005

ok, thanks

  MattW 11:36 27 Dec 2005

I may well be wrong but unless his IP is static it will be pretty difficult to stop him as he can always move email addresses. The FE will know as stated before otherwise perhaps some of the Scicilian Brotherhood?

  Ade_1 11:39 27 Dec 2005

i have contacted the forum editor awaiting an response :). If i have to live with it then so be it. As long as i know whats going on :)

  Forum Editor 12:01 27 Dec 2005

to ban a specific individual permanently, so I wouldn't waste any more time worrying about this.

Banning people from web forums is a subject that I know a fair bit about - unfortunately I have to - and I know for sure that unless you operate a subscription service you just can't do it. Make people pay to access your forum, and you'll be able to weed them out pretty easily, but few people have a forum with enough added value to make it a viable proposition in that respect.

In the main, the best defence against people who post pornographic links is to enlist the help of your other forum members. Most decent people would prefer to be in a place where such stuff isn't continually posted, and if you make it clear that you want to know when innappropriate posts appear, you'll soon find that people email you with warnings.

  Ade_1 12:09 27 Dec 2005

ok, thanks for advice, i have also decided to make me the perso nwho activates the accounts not just the user as i can monitor it this way. Thanks for all the hlep much appriciated

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