Trouble finding AC97 audio driver

  User-9A919F67-6ADE-4BFB-8B35A0F56CB2F7D6 21:52 27 Jul 2005

I have just had to reload my PC with XP Pro for the first time since I brought it. Everything works okay, but in the Device Manager there is an exclamation mark beside the C-Media AC97 Audio (codec) driver. I can't find this on any of my CD's. It would appeat that I need this driver to make my speakers work.

I have tried trawling the net but all the sites that mention it don't appear to have the right files.

Does anybody have the real driver for this?

Thanks in advance


  stalion 21:54 27 Jul 2005
  Nelmon2k 21:55 27 Jul 2005

You got this from windows update when it says update your audio driver. It updates it but then you can't use it. I reloaded it from my disk that came with my motherboard.

  stalion 21:57 27 Jul 2005

Thanks you two.

Stalion, I'll give those a try.

One stupid question. My PC says that I need the C-Media AC97 driver but the links you have sent mention a Realtek AC97 driver. Are they the same thing?

  Jaro 22:11 27 Jul 2005

i think you should find out what is your mobo made and download the drivers from the manufacturer website. its the best way to get the right drivers. do you know your mobos made? you need to know exact model and tipe of the chipset.

Jaro, no idea at all.

Doesn't the C-Media bit of the name mean anything?

  stalion 22:20 27 Jul 2005

no they are not the same I can not find any free downloads of thethe driver you need only this pay site click here

  Jaro 22:34 27 Jul 2005

use this program called Belarc to diagnoze your PC click here you will find out your mobos made and chipset very easy to use just download and execute the program give it try and let us now your mobo and chipset

  Jaro 22:35 27 Jul 2005

or you can use this diagnostic program as well click here

  Nelmon2k 22:36 27 Jul 2005

I think what has happened is that you are looking for the realtek driver. However when you used windows update it has installed the C-Media driver onto your computer. This has overridden your Realtek driver. This has caused the sound to not work. The C-Media has a explination mark next to it because that driver is not working. Hope this helps.

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