Trouble downloading things on new laptop

  nikkigw1 19:46 26 Dec 2007

Hi there, dont know if anyone can help me, i have bought my son a new laptop, it has vista, i set it up for him yesterday and it picked up the wireless router straight away, my isp is aol, the problem is, i have tried to download various things and it wont let me do anything, every time i try it comes up with an error message saying the server has reset, ive tried downloading msn messenger, yahoo messenger, the aol 9 sign on access, flashplayer and a few other things and every time i get the same message, am i doing something wrong? Its probably something really silly that needs changing. Hopefully someone can shed some light on it for me? Would be very grateful

Thanks in advance

  skidzy 19:49 26 Dec 2007

Check your firewall,sounds like your being blocked.

So you do have internet access on the new lappy ?

  nikkigw1 19:59 26 Dec 2007

Yes, when we click on internet explorer it comes on straight away, i havent been able to download the aol software for it because i keep getting the same message, everything ive tried to download is saying the same thing, i have tried disabeling the norton but still doesnt work, my laptop is working fine, but i have xp on mine

  skidzy 20:11 26 Dec 2007

To rule out IE can you download Firefox to cd or flash drive from the xp lappy and install on the vista click here
and try to download again.

  nikkigw1 20:14 26 Dec 2007

Hi, no i tried downloading firefox aswell and i still get the same message, just keeps saying server reset on everything ive tried to download, it comes up with the box on where to save or run the file to, i click on the relevant one and thats when it comes up with another box with couldnt download server reset

  skidzy 20:15 26 Dec 2007

Even from your lappy ?

  nikkigw1 20:16 26 Dec 2007

Oh no sorry, i can probably do it from mine, i just tried clicking on the link you gave me but it wont come up

  nikkigw1 20:17 26 Dec 2007

hi sorry its just come up, ill save it to a disk then try and put it onto the new laptop, should i need to load on aol or will it be ok just going on through ie?

  skidzy 20:21 26 Dec 2007

Sorry i do not know enough about AOL to advise.

From the problem lappy,can you access the net from IE or do you have to go through AOL.

  nikkigw1 20:23 26 Dec 2007

i can access the net through IE from the problem laptop, ive tried unblocking all the pop up blockers from IE incase that was the problem but still nothing

  rdave13 20:30 26 Dec 2007

You don't really need the AOL software at all. Just a thought, is the signal a strong one? If the laptop is close to the router and it works then maybe changing the channel on the router may work.

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