Trouble with displaying .PDF files

  Diemmess 12:13 18 Jan 2008

XP Pro SP2, Acrobat 6 with latest updates

Recently (a few days) have been unable to display .pdf links from .gov sites

Acrobat opens and says briefly at the bottom left "Downloading from site" and then changes to "Done"
The window in Acrobat remains blank!

I can open my own pdf files and those on a website that I manage.

I feel that the document had been downloaded but where is it?

  SANTOS7 12:16 18 Jan 2008

click here

have you tried the latest version..

  [email protected] 12:20 18 Jan 2008

foxit, if you fancy trying an alternative reader
click here

  [email protected] 12:28 18 Jan 2008

if its downloaded,it will be in the location you save downloads to ie desktop.
or try start>search .pdf

  Diemmess 12:39 18 Jan 2008

Presumably downloaded into memory, I was only trying read, not copy.

I have had Acrobat v. 6 for some time, used exclusively for converting text and graphics to
PDFs, which a local printer finds more friendly when producing a village magazine and other things.

I do have Acrobat Reader 8 but it sits there almost unused because most times the computer chooses the full Acrobat 6 to open things.

The system was working fine last week, I did (following prompts) upgrade to IE 7 and have had to fiddle with security level to allow some pictures to display, though my ISP is Aol.

As I said the download is said to be "Done" so where is it?

  SANTOS7 12:48 18 Jan 2008

click here

there is a registry fix here,it may help....

  [email protected] 12:54 18 Jan 2008

or v6
click here

  Diemmess 16:17 18 Jan 2008

I think I have been looking at this the wrong way.

For some reason, possibly after loading latest updates, I feel the trouble comes from wrong configuration in IE7.
If I open IE, it immediately launches Aol for me.
I minimise Aol and type in the name of the website.
This opens and offers the same links as on Aol alone.
But this time the PDFs will open and are readable!!

Surely this exonerates Adobe and AOL?

Can someone please tell me what changes I must make to make Acrobat display a file, rather than spirit it away in the Aol environment.

  SANTOS7 16:21 18 Jan 2008

Solution 1 - Disable "view in browser" feature

Try disabling the "View In Browser" or "Web Browser Integration" feature in your Adobe Acrobat viewer (for plug-in and standard version). Doing this will force your Acrobat viewer to display PDF outside your browser in a separate window. In most cases this will fix your problem. Shown below is how to disable "Web Browser Integration"

click here

text taken from link,it may help...

  [email protected] 16:28 18 Jan 2008
  Diemmess 10:03 19 Jan 2008

SANTOS7 and *Raven*
After much head scratching and disbelief, I opened Acrobat, went to Edit > Preferences > Internet, and unticked "View in Web browser."

To do that (in my mind) seemed exactly opposite to what I was trying to do!

A bit like using the Start button to close windows.

Am a happy chappy again.

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