Trouble Defragging

  Dazwm 09:28 04 Jul 2003

I have had trouble defragging which still has not been resolved see click here I tried using Diskeeper lite but it took two days and didn't get past 10%. Now every hour or so an error box keeps appearing saying what was in my previous thread . Please help this is doing my head in!!

  Jester2K II 09:43 04 Jul 2003

Have you tried Safe Mode as suggested??

  Dazwm 09:49 04 Jul 2003

Yes. It won't work for some reason in safe mode.

  Lozzy 11:10 04 Jul 2003

Sounds very much like you have some really bad clusters if it won't get past 10%, also this appears to be confirmed by it not running equally in safe mode.

My suggestion would be a clean format and re-installation. That will bring out any bad clusters and repair them.

How old is the computer and HDD? Remember to back all your data up first.

Questions: How much Ram do you have installed?

How much free disk space do you?

If these are low then this could be your cause.

  Magik ®© 11:38 04 Jul 2003

you could try, going into msconfig, and unticking everything that is not needed keep system-tray, make a note of all you untick then try again....even in safe -mode there are still things running hence the keep on re-starting..

  BillEmm 11:45 04 Jul 2003

How full is your drive?

  Dazwm 12:07 04 Jul 2003

I have 15Gb left out of 30Gb and I have 512 DDR Ram. How do you do a format?

  ronmian 12:43 04 Jul 2003

try looking up DfrgFat.exe on google. it'll tell you what it is and if there are any issues with it. also try opening my computer; right click the drive in question, go to properties and click on tools and then error checking. there are lots of other things to try before you do anything as drastic as reformatting your hard drive.

  crimbo 13:53 04 Jul 2003

Try looking on your hard disc manufacturers website for a utility to check your hard drive for any errors, it usually has to be downloaded then put onto a floppy, but some can run from the website, depending on manufacturer

  BillEmm 15:52 04 Jul 2003

Have you tried Scandisk or XP equivalent (Analyze, Check Now or whatever)?

I have read that some others have had problems trying to defrag a FAT32 drive after upgrading to WinXP Pro from WinME. It takes forever apparently. One solution was to remove as much data from the offending disk as possible - copy to another disk or CDs and then delete.

There is always a possibility that some damage has been done to the disk.

Run Disk Cleanup and get rid of all unnecessary files.

Remove as many files as possible from the drive (as suggested above).

Go to Start, Run and type CHKDSK. Click OK and WinXP's equivalent to SCANDISK will commence in a DOS window. EXIT.

Go to Start, select Run, type ?prefetch? ? without the quotes. When the Prefetch directory opens, select everything and press Delete.

Now try Defrag again.

The ultimate solution is to clean install XP and convert to NTFS - but that does not fix your current dilemma.

Worth a try.


  BillEmm 17:13 04 Jul 2003

One point I failed to make in my last post on this thread is the need to defrag disks fairly regularly ? particularly the System disk and any other disk that are in constant use.

A disk can become so fragmented that no defrag program can carry out its task. It requires a lot of space ? both RAM and HDD to perform this function and with excessive fragmentation then the program just runs out of space. A similar problem can happen if the disk becomes too full.

The System Disk (C drive on most systems) ought to be defragged at least once a month ? more if it runs round the clock with lots of write operations.

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