Trouble customizing OE Toolbar

  watchful 09:12 22 Mar 2003

I view OE in a med. sized window. Usually have delete button and print as well as create mail, send & receive etc.
From view I tried to customize and also make small icons. Anyway don't understand the separator bit and moving up and down and whether to click reset.
Whichever way I've ended up with only 3 buttons showing and a drop down menu at the side.
If I maximise the window the printer is greyed out.
All I want is the delete button showing on Inbox toolbar, as well as the usual, and print.
I'm not trying to add any more buttons.
Probably something quite simple, I hope!

  BurrWalnut 09:30 22 Mar 2003

Right click the tool bar and select customise. Highlight an item in the left pane and click add to move it to the right. Then select it on the right to move it up/down (position it) on the toolbar.

  watchful 10:09 22 Mar 2003

I've already done that. The ones I want are already on the right side. I've moved them in order but do I then click on reset?
Basically I just want the delete button back where I can see it.

  VoG™ 10:16 22 Mar 2003

Reset will put them back to the defaults.

It might be an idea to click Reset, then start again.

Separators are the thin grey vertical lines that you can use to separate groups of related buttons.

  watchful 10:24 22 Mar 2003

This is Win XP by the way. I want them to go back to the default settings so I've just clicked on 'reset' but there is no place to click Apply or OK.
Perhaps if I try it from the View menu...back in a mo.

  watchful 10:37 22 Mar 2003

It's just the same. Should I be doing this offline?

  VoG™ 10:41 22 Mar 2003

It shouldn't matter whether on or offline.

I don't use OE (use Outlook) but I have OE6 and XP and I've tried it. Right click toolbar, customise.

Clicking Reset works "instantly" and sets them back to the defaults.

Click an item in the left hand pane and click Add - moves item to right hand pane and adds button to toolbar instantly.

Click Close when done.

Note: buttons will be greyed out if they are not applicable. For example the printer button will be greyed out if you are not viewing a message. Sorry if that's obvious.

  watchful 10:47 22 Mar 2003

Nothing's obvious to me re PCs!!

Just done what you said, omitted to click 'close' before, but the delete button only shows when I maximise the window but it was there before in my small window.

  VoG™ 10:59 22 Mar 2003

Very odd!

I think you'll have to wait for somebody who actually uses OE to help you!

  beeuuem 12:10 22 Mar 2003

When you customise the toolbar make sure that the delete button is in the top 6 of the right hand panel. You can move the buttons up and down in this panel(select 'Delete' button and use 'move up' button)
Only the first 6 buttons are displayed when you open in 'normal' window

  watchful 12:18 22 Mar 2003

Just tried that but all it shows is 4 icons:- create mail/reply/reply to all/forward and the printer greyed out, then a drop down arrow for the rest.
It was OK a couple of days ago. A mystery.

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