trouble connecting printer wirelessly

  smaggy123 09:22 26 Oct 2006

Hello Guys . I wonder if you can help me please.

I have a samsung laser printer ML 1610. I have a netgear wireless router using which I have blueyonder cable internet connection. I have 2 toshiba laptops which I connect wirelessly via router for internet.

Now I want to print wirelessly. So after doing the usual online google search, I understood that I can do it in 2 ways- either buy a wireless print server for the printer or connect the printer with cable to the router. I chose the 2nd option and this is how I have done , but it is not working!

I have a netgear WGR614v6 modem. It has 4 ethernet ports. I have connected the printer to the router using a USB 2 networking adapter (USB2 TO RJ45 Fast Ethernet Converter). the product is here- click here
. so USB cable coming out of printer has been connected to this adapter and this adapter in turn to router by ethernet cable. Now I cannot print! Do i need to make any other changes to configuration? what should I do? Please help.

I know I can connect the printer using cable to one host computer and then share the printer, but I dont want to do this due to home configuration issues.
Many thanks .

  Rtus 10:50 26 Oct 2006

Im only guessing here But > try opening the printer properties & checking which Port Its needed to connect to,you may find a new one listed for the converter bit youve added (rather than the virtual Usb-port one it was using before)

  Rtus 10:56 26 Oct 2006

Your problem may be >>>Your device link suggests its not for use as youve connected it. please refer to the Q&A on your link

  smaggy123 11:16 26 Oct 2006

I think you are right. there were no Q and As for this product when I bought it. Time to return it I think!

  Strawballs 12:39 26 Oct 2006

The only way that you can plug your printer direct to the router is if the router or the printer has built in print server if not you will need a wireless print server click here

  Aargh 13:33 26 Oct 2006

If your are using XP, plug your printer into one of the PC's on your network, if this is convenient.

Then use the windows network wizard to set up your network, if not already done.

Find the printer in control panel and right click on it and choose the option to share it.

Every PC should then be able to print to it when that PC is powered on; otherwise you need a separate wireless adapter for your printer if it is capable of this.

  silliw 18:57 28 Oct 2006

You do not have to use a wireless print server unless you want to keep your printer in a remore location. I have my network printer attached by usb to a print server. This print server is attached to my router using RJ45 cable. Obviously the limitation to my setup is that the printer has to be near the router or is restricted by the length of RJ45 cable to attach the print server to the router. My print server is the Linksys PSUS4 which has USB input and RJ45 output.

  Strawballs 16:42 29 Oct 2006

My appoligies, no you don't need a wireless print server a wired one will do just fine.

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