Trouble connecting to ISP (Tiscali)

  popali 20:52 22 Nov 2005

My brother has chosen tiscali Pay As You Go as his means of using the Internet. Although he has been able to connect occasionaly most of the time he is unable to connect and if he is succesful it runs far to slow to be practical. he has tiscali accelerator. Bt have checked out the line and done what they can to help connect. I have repeatedly checked all his settings which are Ok. I have renewed the int Cable to his main Socket. Could this be a faulty Modem? Iam lost for what to do next...popali

  Stuartli 22:13 22 Nov 2005

Do you have the latest/correct drivers for the modem?

When I occasionally need to use Tiscali PAYG I get a minimum of 49.2kbps and 52kbps with Pipex.

  popali 10:32 23 Nov 2005

To Stuartli. Thanks

Because of the trouble we have of even connecting to tiscali we have no chance to down load anything because of the connection failures and the slow speed. So we might have the wrong drivers. any ideas.

  Stuartli 13:33 23 Nov 2005

It would appear you have a system yourself.

If you look in Device Manager>Modem it should/may reveal the make or type of modem i.e. Intel 536EP or similar; alternatively go to Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information>Components>Modem.

You can then download a driver for this particular chipset from your own system, burn it to a disk or copy to a USB pendrive or memory card and then install it on your brother's system.

Another possibility is that the modem is set for another country rather than the UK - this happens more than you might think as many modem manufacturers are US based and set it as the default.

  Stuartli 13:36 23 Nov 2005

Even Removing the modem in Device Manager, rebooting and then using a Windows generic modem driver temporarily may enable you to download the correct driver.

  David4637 14:04 23 Nov 2005

Why don't you try one of the ISPs that don't require you to register as PAYG user. That way if that gives you a low download speed it must be say the modem or something else. I use Tiscali50 (new users can't join this) and get a figure about 45.2Kbs consistantly (this is Today's figure) David

  anchor 15:36 23 Nov 2005

Following on to the the above suggestion by David4637, here is a link to an ISP that does not require registration. Local call rates.

click here

  Stuartli 16:19 23 Nov 2005

One other possibility is to use the main phone and dial 17070 (if it is a withheld number insert 1470 before this number) and select option two (quiet line).

You can then check if the line is noisy or quiet. A noisy line will cause problems and will need BT to be contacted; initially asking BT to turn up the gain may help but its engineers are well versed in sorting out these type of problems.

  popali 17:10 23 Nov 2005

Thanks all..Today before taking comp to dealer for modem Check We disconnected printer and scanner and had a quick try to get on line Guess What? with both inop...we got on line and proceeded to use at a 100% improvment. We reconnected both scanner and printer one at a time and tried. No connection each time. Removed both, connection and speed ok....Printer and scanner will work off line.

  Stuartli 17:31 23 Nov 2005

Are you using a USB hub?

If it is not a powered hub then what you describe will happen...:-)

  popali 19:10 23 Nov 2005

Popali....Stuartli Brother is just using the usb slots to the rear of the comp. No special hubs connected. I have a powered Hub on mine because of the equipment fitted ie Broadband scanner Printer etc Bt have checked and turned up the Gain as requested by me. Ex BT.

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