Trouble with BT wireless broadband

  23790954 16:33 24 Nov 2009

Hello again to all you good forum members.
I have been trying to help a friend of mine, who has a computer problem. The problem being that whenever he tries to log onto his BT broadband service, the programme stops responding, and he cannot log on. The system freezes. His system XP, shows that the wireless connection is active, and you can disconnect and connect the connection with no trouble. I personally think that it is software trouble. Possibly conflicting software.
I would like to uninstall, the complete BT software and re-install it, in an attempt to rectify it, the problem is, he is using a BT2500
router, on a wireless connection, and his system is upstairs in his bedroom, whilst the router is connected to the telephone connection of his hall, on the ground floor.
I do NOT have a telephone extension long enough, to make a wired connection, and BT states that you MUST make a wired connection with the router, before making it into a wireless connection.
Can anyone advize me of any way round this problem.
Thanks to all who offer their help.

  User-1229748 16:43 24 Nov 2009

has your friend had this setup working?is it just the one pc that is connected to the router?

  23790954 17:08 24 Nov 2009

Yes smackheadz, this is a system I personally built about 2 years ago. As I am in my 70's, my hobby is building and repairing computer systems. As I felt my friend had been ripped off by a computer shop,I sold him it. He has had it for about a year, and I installed it at his home, including the wireless connection. However he contacted me this morning to tell me of the trouble, an due to the fact that I think it is a software confliction problem, I wanted to uninstall and reinstall the complete BT broadband settings etc. However BT say that the 2500 router must first be connected by a wired connection before transferring to a wireless connection. He admitted he did not have the long telephone extension that we used last time, any longer. I just wondered if there was another way round this.
Many thanks for your interest.

  rawprawn 17:16 24 Nov 2009

I think you are going to have to take the computer downstairs to make the wired connection.

  rawprawn 17:18 24 Nov 2009

Should have said, or buy another long telephone extention, they are pretty cheap at B & Q

  23790954 17:22 24 Nov 2009

Thanks everyone. I just wondered if there was another way round it. Will buy an extension for him.

  User-1229748 17:41 24 Nov 2009

lol,i think you will a lot more knowledgable than myself,however,is the router saying it is connected to the internet?i'm not familiar with bt software but when i was with aol you could reset the aol could perhaps be firewall settings.maybe turn firewall off just to see if he can connect.

  rawprawn 17:47 24 Nov 2009

You do not need the BT software, in fact in my opinion you are better off without it. Just uninstall it, and follow the instructions in the guide for manual installation.

  Snec 17:56 24 Nov 2009

rawprawn is right.

  mooly 18:23 24 Nov 2009

If there is a factory reset on the router I would do that (which will set the passwords to BT supplied ones presumably... you'll have to read the manual), then connect letting XP manage the connection, passwords etc.
You should be able to do it all wirelessly.

I found the BT software more trouble than it was worth with the HomeHub.

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