Trouble booting XP

  cleet the don 11:21 20 May 2007

I think I'm in trouble. I was given a PC by my friend at work, and although not young, it had XP sp2and ran really well. I proceeded to take all the programs off to just leave the operating system which went ok, I then went into the bios to have a look and check what was set up on it. this was the start of the problem. I checked the boot sequence and found it was showing boot from boot disk. I went to change it but it didn't work so I left it, thinking there's nothing in the drive so it will eventually get to the right booting medium. The fly in the ointment was that my friend had left a game disk in the drive! Now when I try to start it only goes to the first part of boot up as in brand name then...zilch. My friend says he hasn't got the xp disk so all I need to know is, is there a way I can get this back up and running somehow or do I have to buy another xp disk?

  ICF 11:28 20 May 2007

You need to set it to boot from your hard drive

  cleet the don 11:45 20 May 2007

That is the problem, It will only go as far as the branding, it doesn't react to F8, or any other keys for that matter.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:02 20 May 2007

disconnect anything plugged in, usb devices etc.

no cd / floppy in drives.

make and model?

  cleet the don 12:56 20 May 2007

at the time I found out, I removed the disk and tried again...still nothing!and nothing else was connected as I just connected the nesessary to us it eg power, mouse and keyboard.
It's a Dell Dimension 4300,3/4 years old

  ICF 15:17 20 May 2007

Reboot and continually press the DEL key to get in to the Bios

  global-killer 16:56 20 May 2007

Have you tried re-setting the bios. It will revert to Manf original setting.

It should then let you set the boot order as normal.

  cleet the don 12:43 21 May 2007

Thanks for your help folks, but it seems to have solved itself now. Booted yesterday to try some suggestions given to me but got into the bios before I could try them. Must have had a hissy fit and wanted to be left alone! But again thanks to all who replied.

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