geoff47 00:54 14 Jun 2005

I did a routine scan today with Grisoft AVG and found 14 infected files.
Apparently all unhealable,I googled for some help and looked here for advice.

Now I am even more confused.

I found lots of free scans,download now "we can tell you all that ails you" and then they tell horror stories apparently I have over a thousand infected files,loads of dialers.But on each scan the ones that AVG found were not there.
AVG tells me the viruses or is it virii,are
E.Gauth DLL P2E.BG
Dyfica 3F.
Proxy 16.Z
Has AVG made these harmless?
Or should I be worried,there doesn't appear to be any problem.

Thanks for any help.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 01:42 14 Jun 2005

1st off if you are using XP turn off system restore then rescan with AVG as the Virus(es) may be trapped in a restore point your scanner cant get to them as for alternative scanners for trojan worms etc i would recommend trying these both are free though A2 does require you to register for updates

A2 click here

click here

  dublincity 01:58 14 Jun 2005

I had the following posting a couple of months ago:-

AVG Unable To Fix Viruses - posted by dublincity on Wed, 20.04.2005

If you look at it you'll see that the problem never was resolved until (for other reasons) I had the partition re-formatted. I think that AVG, although good, has its shortcomings.

None of my many other anti-parasite barriers and zappers (about 12, inc. a squared) even noticed the bugs. Others have told me that nothing short of a good, paid-for Anti-Trojan program will bar entrance to the worst nasties - and then, not to ALL of them.

  geoff47 02:14 14 Jun 2005

Sorry failed to tell you I am using Win98 and did in fact download and run A 2 Squared,still no joy.
Will try your other link and give that a whirl...

Dont know whether to panic or not.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 02:48 14 Jun 2005

the trojan may be running at start up in processes preventing removal can you create rescue disks in AVG to run a preboot scan via floppy disk

Alternatively try manual removal which will involve scanning make a note of the path of the trojan check in processes for corresponding running processes stop them running then delete trojan to get to processes right click anywhere onthe task bar at the bootom of your screen select task manager then the processes tab you can safely stop everything except for Explorer & SYStray

  maveric 08:06 14 Jun 2005

If stuck try hijackthis and post a log on here or the hjt site and wait for someone who knows what to here

  961 09:20 14 Jun 2005

Well, whatever takes your fancy. It won't make any difference

Let's take things a step at a time

First, if you do not have the following (free) software on your machine download the programmes now, one at a time, install and update them and then get each to do a deep scan of your system

Spybot search and destroy


Microsoft Anti Spyware

You may also get Adaware, ccleaner and regseeker.

Make sure your windows software is properly patched with any available updates especially as regards Internet Explorer

I would strongly suggest you try Avast (free) virus checker instead of AVG which does not always seem to update successfully. Download the Avast files and the updated definitions file, disconnect from the internet and then uninstall AVG and install Avast

You do not mention a firewall. You need Zone Alarm or Sygate but not both

That little lot should keep you busy for a while.

You can always get a detailed report on any virus that is found by going to click here

After all that let us know how you are getting on

  geoff47 00:24 15 Jun 2005

I have always had Zonealarm and Grisoft AVG and in different levels of paranoia have obtained Spywareblaster,Adaware,regseeker,and ccleaner.MS Anti Spyware is not suitable for win98.
I am using Mozilla Firefox.
I downloaded Avast a one off test that I have run and it found nothing....after that I ran A squared again and it found one "malware" that it removed successfully.
Looking at the AVG virus vault it tells me this information of the position of the problem.

c:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\Cache\Javapi\

I have split the line to fit.....
Am I still infected or not?

Thanks for all the help.

  gudgulf 01:19 15 Jun 2005

click here

ccleaner click here should also clear the Sun java cache/history.

You should find this a usefull read click here

  geoff47 01:48 15 Jun 2005

Thank god I never panic......whew!!!
Thanks gudgulf seems like it was something and nothing after all.
I am sure I have had ccleaner too at some time,but have downloaded and will run it straight away.

Thanks for all the help...should I close this as resolved?
I will let you all know shortly.

  geoff47 00:47 16 Jun 2005

I shall close this thread as resolved....I have always used Zonealarm firewall and AVG plus at different times scanned with various other programs.
This time I searched for free scans and there are many that would have you burn your computor for the report that they give you....but they are in business too.
Just take the proper precautions and dont worry too much......that what my Dad used to say.

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