Trojans (sorry)

  Rawhaw 08:57 09 Feb 2005

My sisters PC was absolutely riddled with trojans, adware and spyware and......
Scans with Spybot, Ad-Aware and Microsoft Antispyware deleted approximately 180 illegal bits n pieces(which seem to have appeared thanks to Kazaa and Messenger Plus updates). The problem is that new spyware etc is still popping up despite the system being nailed to the floor.
Any ideas before formatting?

  Jackcoms 09:05 09 Feb 2005

First - un-install and don't use Kazaa.

Then download, install and update click here
click here click here click here
click here

If you are running an OS with System Restore, disable System Restore (you'll lose all your restore points) and run full scans with all your AV and anti-malware programs.

Don't forget to re-enable System Restore when you've finished.

  Jackcoms 13:16 10 Feb 2005


Did it help??

  Rawhaw 16:11 10 Feb 2005

Many thanks for the reply Jackcoms and the answer is yes and no. Deleted ad/spy ware no longer re-appear. However, brand new things are now turning up but at least only in ones and twos. The last two were called BarginBu and eXact. These 2 were successfully removed but I feel something else will turn up very shortly.
Ho hum

  curlylad 16:26 10 Feb 2005

The BarginBu could be Bargain Buddy , to rid yourself of it have a look here click here

  curlylad 16:30 10 Feb 2005

Forgot to say , to remove eXact goto- start , settings , control panel , Add/Remove programs , select 'eXact Search Bar' and click remove .

  Rawhaw 17:49 10 Feb 2005

Many thanks for the info guys - I think (fingers crossed) it's been nailed.

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