CJ12 00:10 14 Mar 2008

I am having problems with my new computer after visiting an old site last night Evetything went haywire and I tried to do system restore but though I had saved lots of restore points they are gone now I can only go back to 12/3/08 also found 2 trojans when I scanned with Advanced Windows Care V2.55 then after it says they are sorted if I scan again they are still there how do I get rid of them please...???

  Miros 00:23 14 Mar 2008

Try windows defender click here

  mrwoowoo 01:41 14 Mar 2008

Sounds like they are located in the system restore.
Turn system restore off before you scan and remove to prevent them coming back.
This will of course remove all your restore points,(until you turn it back on again and add some more)..
Still you only have one anyway.

  CJ12 01:57 14 Mar 2008

OK how do I turn it off please ?
I just installed defender and it says my puter is runing normally which it isnt!
Im having trouble even typing this and keep loosing the Start bar too

  CJ12 02:06 14 Mar 2008

This is what it says when I scaned with PC Tools Spyware Doctor ld have to buy to use....
Typically, adware components install alongside a shareware or freeware application and bring targeted advertisements to your computer. These advertisements create revenue for the software developer. Adware displays web-based advertisements through pop-up windows or through annoying advertising banners.
Browser Helper Object (BHO)
A Browser Helper Object (BHO) may appear as a helpful browser toolbar within Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). Malicious BHO's can change your default home page to point to some other site or send histories of your web-browsing habits to third-parties for the purposes of targeted advertising.
Browser Hijackers
Browser hijackers can take control of your web browser. They may alter your browser settings or change your default home page to point to some other site and they are capable of sending personal information to third-parties. They may not be detected by firewall software as they are capable of appearing as part of IE itself. Due to the variety of functions a browser hijacker can possess, it can be categorized as a Trojan.
Generally, this is software that is installed on your PC that dials a phone number. some dialers connect to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and are designed to provide genuine assistance. However, malicious dialers can attempt to connect you to long-distance or toll numbers without your consent, resulting in expensive phone bills.
Also known as 'key loggers' or 'keystroke loggers', these are programs that run in the background on your computer and are capable of recording every keystroke you make on your keyboard. Keyloggers can store information, which could very well include personal details and passwords that you have typed into your computer, such that it can later be retrieved by third-parties.
Layered Service Provider (LSP)
LSPs are pieces of code that are used to monitor, intercept and control communication between WinSock and the Internet application that calls WinSock (e.g. your Internet Browser). Malicious LSPs can be used to steal information that you submit through the Internet.
A generic term used to encompass malicious spyware, including adware, Trojans, browser hijackers, keyloggers, dialers and tracking cookies.
A stealthy application that makes use of your Internet connection, gathering and transmitting information on various activities you conduct on your computer to third-parties. This information is often collected and sent without your knowledge or consent. Like adware, spyware often installs as a third-party component bundles with a freeware or shareware application, which can make the distinction between the two somewhat ambiguous. In some places on the Internet, you may also see 'Spyware' used as a generic term to encompass malware.
Tracking Cookies
Internet browsers write and read cookies, which are small text files with small amounts of data (such as web site settings) which are placed onto your computer by visiting certain web sites. In many cases, cookies provide a benefit to users as they can retain settings for when you next visit a web site. In some instances, however, cookies are used to consolidate and track your behaviour across different web sites, providing marketers with information about your web browsing habits.
Like spyware, Trojans (also known as Trojan horses) can slip into your system and run without your knowledge. They are capable of possessing a variety of functions. For example, some use your computer's modem to dial long-distance or toll numbers (like a dialer), potentially generating expensive phone bills. Unlike viruses and worms, Trojans do not replicate themselves.

  mrwoowoo 03:24 14 Mar 2008

to turn off click here
download and scan with this,(free version)
click here

  CJ12 09:22 14 Mar 2008

Cant turn off as when I manage to click on Start then on Computer it says invalid file and wont let me do anything Im scanning anyway now with free scan you suggested

  Terry Brown 09:46 14 Mar 2008

You could also try this site, There is nothing to install, it will even run direct from a CD (although you will not get updates to a CD), If it does not start automaticly select A2free.exe and select Deep Scan. Depending on you system and size of drives it may take several hours.

When you click (or select) A2free.exe, it can take about 15 seconds to start the program.

  CJ12 09:55 14 Mar 2008

After running the free version you suggested it found loads of trojen thingies and removed them all after the reboot I was able to get into Start and disable the system restore I then ran the scan again and all was clear & clean so I went back to start and turned System Restore back on . My puter seems fine again so I am overjoyed with your help and just need to know do I have to create a system restore point for today now please or do I wait or will it just do it itself...???
Thank you so much I think the problem came from when I copied some code to link with a local site run by young people I know and feel I must warn them but am not sure what they need to know the site is click here who were hacked a while back but thought it was all sorted now the only other thing I did was go into a Geocities Site builder to update a yahoo website I have so I need your opinions on if and which of these may have caused the problem please ...???
Thank you again for your help.

  CJ12 09:58 14 Mar 2008

Should I try that too as I dont think my external flash drive was checked and maybe I should save the one you suggest to a disk for future use what do think please
Thank you for the suggestion

  RobCharles1981 11:45 14 Mar 2008

Try Scanning with A-Squared click here

Obviously Download it and Update it, and run this in safe mode.

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