//adz_w/// 22:57 05 Dec 2011

i cant remember what i downloaded i think it was a version of avast free because my older version ran put or Google chrome because chrome wouldn't run ever since then my computers acted really strange the internet and system both running very slowly i ran malwarebytes and did a full system scan on all disks last Saturday found 2 trojan. agent and something wrong with the registry my computer still ran slow ive just done a scan again and the two Trojans were still there i've deleted there source a server thing UTP or something i cant remember but there still on the system how do i remove them ?

  birdface 08:17 06 Dec 2011

Go into malwarebytes then Quarantine and it should tell you the name of the Trojans that it is removing.Let us know what they are.

Always quarantine them and don't delete them in case they are false positives.

Anti-Virus.What anti-virus did you have installed and what did you replace it with.

Sometimes you have to use the proper removal tool which can be obtained from most anti-virus vendors to remove it completely.

  //adz_w/// 09:07 06 Dec 2011

i closed the scan results window so ill have to re scan i did have avast free replaced it with avast free it was stuff that needed to be deleted anyway it was a server that we used in college to get around the blocking thing in college ill re do a scan and get back to you

  //adz_w/// 09:11 06 Dec 2011

maybe not it just says trojan, agent and a security hijack in the registry but they say there both removed but there was two trojans on there both were trojan.agent

  spuds 10:41 06 Dec 2011

Trojan agents can sometimes come up as false/positives. Run a complete fresh Avast and Malwarebytes scan, and see if they provide further identifications, then report back. Make sure that both Avast and Malwarebytes are up to date.

  spuds 10:45 06 Dec 2011

Forgot to mention that you could also try SuperAntiSpyware, which you get get as a download from as you can Avast and Malwarebytes, and all highly recommended and for free.

  //adz_w/// 10:50 06 Dec 2011

ill do that now cheers all so i cant boot my computer in safe mode it just skips it when i press f8 or just crashes my computer

  Input Overload 11:06 06 Dec 2011

Running the free version of Mbytes is of course cheaper than spending a few pounds on the full version. But I see this as an analogy similar to the free version is like a householder who lets burglars in & then sorts out the mess & a trashed house the next day - The full version will stop these people getting in to your house in the first place as well as blocking dodgy sites.

I really can't understand the reluctance of regular posters on here advocating the use of free anti-malware. I have spent far too much time in sorting out the mess that free malware users end up with.

If you only buy one piece of software get full Malwarebytes, if it wasn’t for those who shell out for the full version there would be no free version…

  birdface 11:36 06 Dec 2011

Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts and see if that lets you into Safe mode if not try it with F5.

Every time malwarebytes finds the trojans check and see if Windows automatic updates has been turned off as I used to get that pretty often using malwarebytes.

It took me long enough to figure out it was that that was turning the Windows update off and it was not a Trojan but a false positive.

Download and run this.

See if it finds any problems.It works really quick so you will not have to wait long.If it finds any Trojans you will have to activate the licence for it to remove them,Then you have 30 days either to buy it or not.

If it does not find anything it will probably be a false positive with Malwarebytes.

  birdface 11:46 06 Dec 2011

If this is what you get it is a false positive.

C:\Windows\System32\regedit.exe (Trojan.Agent) -> No action taken

  birdface 11:55 06 Dec 2011

Maybe go to the MalwareBytes forum and post your logs on there and they will be able to tell you if they are false positives or not.

Looks like quite a few other folk experiencing the same sort of problems.

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