7 01:00 07 Oct 2004

I have window xp and latest version of avg antivirus and norton antivirus but they both culdn't remove the TORJAN virus from my laptop...kindly help....tye warning whic i received is:

torjan horse back door agent.2h

system information/_restore(14157744-4fa2-4caf-bafb-72cc49941087)/rp85\a0012299.exe
system information/_restore(14157744-4fa2-4caf-bafb-72cc49941087/rp111\a0016323.exe
system information/_restore(14157744-4fa2-4caf-bafb-72cc49941087/rp115\a0016935.exe

  7 02:16 07 Oct 2004

any comment plzz

  Djohn 02:33 07 Oct 2004

click here and then click on "Scan my PC" it is a free online scanner that should find and remove the trojan.

A small application will download to your PC, [Its a scanning engine] tick the drives you want scanned and fixed, [Don't bother with your "a" drive or CD drives, just your fixed hard drives] click OK and let it do the work for you.

Because your using XP you will need to first turn off "System restore" as the trojan will also be in there. To turn it off, Right click your mouse on your "My Computer Icon" select properties then System restore tab. Remove the tick from the box, and click OK to accept.

Download the application above and after the scan turn your system restore back on again by following the method to turn off but replace the tick in the box.

If you still have the trojan then post back to this thread please and someone will advise further. Don't worry though as we will get rid of it for you.

  7 01:06 13 Oct 2004

a big thanku for djohn...........i think i have got ridden of virus from my cmputer.....thank u again

  7 22:45 14 Oct 2004

i thought already that it has gone but it is still there....kindly help...torjan virus is still on my laptop.....

  stalion 22:47 14 Oct 2004

run a scan with this click here

  Dan the Confused 22:58 14 Oct 2004

Disable system restore then re-enable it. Info click here

  7 23:09 14 Oct 2004

i have never enabled the system restore....i know it is surprise but i never...........

  7 23:31 14 Oct 2004

system information/_restore(14157744-4fa2-4caf-bafb-72cc49941087)\rp124\a0018562.exe

now this is the virus which is troubling ........

  7 03:02 26 Oct 2004

can anybody help me resolving this system information box is already unticked....i never changed it....i have got latest norton antivirus which is unable to remove wat shuld i do as escan show many virus but i need to buy to remove trojan...i have run both scans but none said that my laptop has virus.....but still this is troubling and now with new file
system information/_restore(14157744-4fa2-4caf-bafb-72cc49941087)\rp133\a0019963.exe

  joseph K 10:16 26 Oct 2004

Go to start. Click on run>type in msconfig>click ok>click on services tab>look for>System restore service. This will be ticked. Untick this. Run anti-trojan program> reboot> Tick System restore service back on. You will lose all your restore restore points, but don't worry this happens to all of us. Trust me there is no reason to panic.

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