trojan virus nortons problem

  jonny_doe 23:51 06 Dec 2006

had a trojan bought nortons internet securities 2007 run scan and pc rebooted
tried avg free to no avail
in the end piad £30 for symantec to clear the trojan or virus
by remote assist
i was told after to do another scan.
did that and pc still rebooted half way through scan
so went back online and contaced symantec again.
i was told this time to start in safe mode twith networking.
tried that but it wouldnt connect to internet
tried again this time it came up with WINDOWS SYSTem32\config system
either missing files or corrupt cant remeber
but the upshot is just a blank screen
what id like to no is has the trojan virus been removed .
or how do i get my missing files bac
the pc was from mesh will the recovery cd work
got to be up at 430am so wont beable to respond till tommorrow
any help will be appreciated

  rawprawn 08:20 07 Dec 2006
  p;3 16:52 07 Dec 2006

you evidently missed this thread of mine

click here

you need to link this
click here

previous thread to this discussion ;maybe I can now mark mine as resolved although you have not responded on it

  jonny_doe 17:31 07 Dec 2006

the link rapwn left its seems a bit to advanced for me sorry
the pc was from mesh if i put the recovery disc in will it delete photos and music,or will it just add the missing files
thanks for the help much appreciated

  p;3 18:38 07 Dec 2006

to link in another thread, all you need to do is open another window by pressing ctrl and n

that will give you two browser windows open; on one of them open the thread you wish to put the link in then on the other page go to the main helproom ( or which ever room the thread is in) and right mouse click over the tread you wish to link in and scroll up to and left mouse click on "copy shortcut"; then return to the thread you wish to put the link in and right mouse click in the reply box where you wish to link it to ; it will show as a click here once you have pressed post response; voila;you will have linked in an appropriate thread

so; how is the original problem getting on?

  jonny_doe 18:41 07 Dec 2006

through getting rid of the trojan its lost some windows files so the pc wont start someone has gave me a good thread but looks a bit difficult for me was wondering if i put the recovery disc in the missing windows files would be replaced without losing documents and pics
any help will be greatly appreciated

  p;3 18:56 07 Dec 2006

my suggestion for what it is worth to make sure the pc IS clean

registger with the malware forum via this link

click here

then grab a download of HJT from

click here nb this goes direct to the HJT exe; you coudl save it in a folder labelled downloads in my documents if you wish (which is what I have done)

once the registtrration is complete, start a thread in
click here this section and state briefly what the problem is and await a helper to advise you; I suggest you need the expert advise to make sure the pc IS clean

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