Trojan targets MS Antispyware Program

  rawprawn 09:52 11 Feb 2005

click here Just thought you may like a read.

  CurlyWhirly 10:01 11 Feb 2005

I posted a similar thread a few days ago click here

but I didn't quite get the replies that I was hoping for! (sob)
I hope you do better than me! LOL

  rawprawn 10:11 11 Feb 2005

Not my day either, sob sob. I posted ZA Update this morning and found I was too late yet again. I will leave it for a while to see how many replies I get. We could have a cometition. LOL

  easyrider 14:25 11 Feb 2005

Interesting article as I have downloaded the Microsoft antispyware to try out. So far it has been very good , spotting and fixing a couple of things that got past Spybot , Adaware , and a couple of other programs that I already have.

  rawprawn 15:06 11 Feb 2005

If it finds "Searchsquire" list it to be ignored, it is a false positive caused by Adaware or Spybot and it will show up each time after you have run (I think it is Spybot) which will replace it

  RealDopey 16:45 11 Feb 2005

...and a couple of other programs that I already have.

Mind me asking what the others are?

  easyrider 18:24 11 Feb 2005

So far it has not shown up searchsquire as a problem.
The other programs are CWShredder, CCleaner, and Phishnet the last one is a beta version which I am not too sure off at the moment.

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