Trojan safely in AVG vault - This is what it says:

  AngeTheHippy 11:19 20 Feb 2005

As AVG is new to me, it took a few minutes to discover that I could find this info, so I hope it's what u need to see:

File Name: A0001297.exe
File Path: C:\SystemVolumeInformation\_restore{75A2BF47-ECCC-4A1D-AE5A-AC214588A25A}\RP17Discovery: TrojanHorse Dialer.20.AC
DateOfDetection: 20/02/2005 08:15;01
Finder: SYSTEM
FileSize: 108.29KB (110884 bytes)
Healable: No
SOURCE: Backup copy
Status: Infected

As it's not repearable, should I just delete it? please can someone advise on this.

Thank you all,


  VoG II 11:25 20 Feb 2005

It is in a Restore Point where it can't do any harm unless you restore to that point.

If you want to remove it turn System Restore off then back on again click here

  AndySD 11:25 20 Feb 2005

As the message says, (if a little obscurely) its in your system restore file and therefore it will be a protected system file that cannot be accessed.

Turn of system restore.


Turn on system restore.

That will unfortunatly remove all system restore points but it will remove the file as well.

This has happened as the system has created a restore point when the Trojan was installed. It now has a "copy" locked away.

  alan227 11:27 20 Feb 2005

If it has been placed in the virus vault just delete it and do another scan as it may be hiding in system restore.
If it shows up again you will need to turn of system restore to get rid of it.

  Taw® 11:27 20 Feb 2005

If you switch of restore and then run AVG it will clear it from the computer then reset your restore point. However it will do no harm if left

  AngeTheHippy 11:30 20 Feb 2005

damade a particular prog? or stop the PC from working at all? Will it also be removed (when I turn off restore then reboot) from the AVG vault?



  VoG II 11:36 20 Feb 2005

No it won't stop anything from working.

I'm not convinced that it is in AVG's vault as anti-virus programs cannot access files in system restore points (only scan them).

  AndySD 11:40 20 Feb 2005

Its a dialer and they try to connect you to the internet via a premium rate phone number. But AVG has put it in its Vault and wont allow it back onto the pc unless unless you tell AVG to reinstall it. Its also in System Restore and wont get back on the pc unless you use System Restore. It wont damage any programs or stop the pc from working if you get rid of it.

  AngeTheHippy 12:02 20 Feb 2005

disabled restore point, re-booted, did another scan and it was still in the vault. Deleted it from vault, restarted, did another scan, nothing found, and vault empty.

I'm glad that when I went BB last July, I disabled the internal 56k modem, cos I think it would try and dial out using that wouldn't it?


  AndySD 12:06 20 Feb 2005


  AngeTheHippy 12:09 20 Feb 2005

Thanks so much for your invaluable help. No further virus found, nought in vault and just turned on sys restore.

I KNEW you wouldn't let me down.


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