Trojan (QHOSTS-1!hosts)

  BGET 18:53 16 Jul 2007

Hi, I have just been on to the web as you do, using mozilla firefox as my browser. Whilst I was surfing my security sweet blocked an incoming Trojan (QHOSTS-1!hosts). This happened at least four to five times within the same browsing session on firefox. I switched to IE7 and was not bothered by the same trojan. Has anbody else had any trouble on firefox with the same problem. Although my security is detecting it and removing it I just wonder whether I have a problem?

  skidzy 19:07 16 Jul 2007
  skidzy 19:09 16 Jul 2007

This has been almost certainly been executed by a program on your pc.

Do you use any p2p software ?

  birdface 19:19 16 Jul 2007

Anybody else worried about getting their Host file Hi-jacked,Download this. Win here It will keep your host file safe,And it only puts a little icon on your quick start.

  BGET 19:36 16 Jul 2007

I use limewire pro at the minute as the answer to your question. Do you think this is where it has come from?

  skidzy 19:46 16 Jul 2007

Sure do Bget !

As always,scan any files first (before opening them)

Im unsure what your using Limewire for,so any further help is going to be limited im afraid.

Hopefully your using Limewire legally,sorry dont want to preach.

However i would look at the files you have received.
Im betting its now on your system somewhere and may take a disable of system restore and scan with your updated AV to rid this trojan.
Dont forget to enable SR,this would be best done in safemode.

  BGET 20:06 16 Jul 2007

skidzy, sorry to be a pain but what do you mean by a 'disable of a system restore' and what do you mean by not forgetting to enable SR?

  skidzy 20:22 16 Jul 2007

Ok,if this trojan is on your pc and your av cannot find it or it keeps reappearing:

Disable system restore click here and scan with your Anti virus.

Though if you are currently downloading a large file and getting these warnings...stop the download !

Also try here for some advice,these are a little old now and will need updating before running click here

  skidzy 20:23 16 Jul 2007

I should add:

If you disable System Restore...YOU WILL LOSE ALL RESTORE POINTS !

  BGET 22:49 16 Jul 2007

The Trojan only seems to appear on Firefox on a perticular web site.The file path is: c:\documents and settings\compaq owner\application data\mozilla\firefox\profiles\k9if5xtb.default\cookies-1.txt. (I don't know whether this means anything to you?). I have followed some of the info that you have sent me and cannot find the file names anywhere from the Mcafee site (by the way that is the AV I am running). I have also tried taking off the SR and running a scan, and all it found was one cookie. I am beginning to think that this Trojan isn't on my system but on this perticular web site? (even though I have visited this site before and not had the problem)
But as you say this is a trojan distributed by P2P which I have been using. If push comes to shove would I get away with a complete reformatting and new installation back to my PC's factory settings?

  skidzy 23:02 16 Jul 2007

If its only appearing from one web site then its server is infected.
I would imagine it will be dealt with by the morning.

However try cleaning out your temp files and cookies etc click here

Are you accessing this site by one of your bookmarks ?

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