Trojan PWS Onlinegames.EF

  iqs 10:57 11 May 2007

Hi ,When I run CCleaner ,Bullguard informs me that...Bullguard as stopped Malware....Trojan PWS Onlinegames.EF

I have scanned for this Trojan with Ad Aware,A-Squared,Stinger,even with Bullguards own spayware/antivirus.But it still lives..Any tips please..Cheers

  postie24 15:22 11 May 2007
  p;3 15:45 11 May 2007

also try

click here fully update and run on a full deep scan


click here

  p;3 15:57 11 May 2007

did you scan it with the latest stinger version at

click here

  iqs 00:04 12 May 2007

postie24 and p;3.I installed and ran the software you all recommended,each one did not detect the trojan?.I have run the various software I have again,still not detected.But the Bullguard warning still appears.Any more ideas please.Cheers

  p;3 00:31 12 May 2007

suggest you get this site

click here

to check your comp over?
read down that link to see hwo to register and how to get a log done;;; take note of the contents of

click here they can either confirm an infection and clean you or give you the all clear::))
if you do register do let us know under what name so we can follow your clean up? hope you are nOT on g mail?

  iqs 09:10 12 May 2007

thank you again for your help.While I was reading the link to Malware Removal,I let Bullguard run another scan.This was the third attempt.As they say third time lucky,it was identified and removed,finally.Why it took 3 go's,who knows.....

I will sign up with Malware Removal this evening for future infections.From what I have read it seems very impressive.More importantly you have the support of experts,like with this forum.

Thank you again for taking the time to assist with my problem,it was appreciated p;3.Take care.Kind regards,Mike

  p;3 10:15 12 May 2007

after you sign up tonight you could ask them TO check out a log for you to confirm you are clean; might not be a bad idea and they will glady do that for you::))

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