Trojan problem

  eysha 20:22 13 May 2011

My daughter got a trojan in her computer. I have used road kill on it without success. any other good programmes you can recommend would be great or do i have to wipe the hard drive - i hope not, lol. Thanks in advance E.

  birdface 20:46 13 May 2011

Try This.

  1. Turn off computer ,then turn on and start tapping F8
  2. When the Advanced startup options appear Select Safe mode With Networking
  3. Open internet explorer goto ,download Hitman pro "32-bit or 64-bit depending on your Os"
  4. Run Hitman pro ,let this scan the computer
  5. Activate Free Licence
  6. Reboot Pc

Infection Removed..!

  eysha 21:20 13 May 2011

Thanks, just looked but it is only a 30 day free programme and needs a key. how is the free license activated?

  birdface 21:51 13 May 2011

You get 30 days free and it will remove anything that it finds.

Or try Malwarebytes free if you are unsure how to use Hitman pro.

  birdface 21:53 13 May 2011

Or just go into License and activate.It is a while since I used it but as far as I remember thats how you do it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 13 May 2011



The free versions are good enough

  eysha 19:34 14 May 2011

Thanks but the prolem still exists. I know the name of some of the trojans which are; Varient of win32/olmarik.auptrojan varient of win32/kryptik.nyrtrojan win32/spy.zbot.ywtrojan

So far it they have taken all pictures, music, documents etc and the screen is black.

Have used all the programmes advised plus all the ones we had and have scanned several times to no avail.

Any more suggestions before i have to format the hard drive as i really don't want to. Many thanks E.

  C3 20:00 14 May 2011

You may want to look at running Combofix as well. I find it picks up stuff that Malwarebytes misses at times.

All the files may have been hidden, so they should still be there.

Go to Control Panel, open Folder Options and on View and in the Advanced Settings change the option for View Hidden Files And Folders.

Hopefully you should be able to see all the files again.

I ran into this trojan a couple of weeks ago, it really is a pain. To Unhide them you can either click on the parent folder (My Documents, Desktop etc), right-click and select properties and take a tick out of the box for Hide.

Personally I just created a new user then copied all the data over from the old profile to the new one.

  birdface 20:08 14 May 2011

link text

Ok what is road kill I have never heard of it before.Did none of those programs you downloaded not find anything.

Try this one then if you can download it.Trojan Remover

It is a pay for program but you get 30 day trial and it will remove anything that it finds.

If it asks for payment ignore it and carry on with the scan.

Not sure what your problem is what program found the Trojan.

If a trojan you would have thought one of those programs would have found it as they are all very good.

  birdface 20:10 14 May 2011

Sorry ignore those last links and try this one.Trojan Remover

  eysha 10:19 15 May 2011

Many thanks for all the help. Following C3s instructions we now have the documents back but some things are still gone. for example the bin on the desktop is not there now and the photos are very dull and washed out with little colour and the favourites list is gone too. I ran roadkill again and it found Microsoft security client/anti maleware/mpcmdrun.exe and deleted it. I will runall the other anti maleware/spywear programms and see what happens but how do we get the bin back? an i take it that the programme named above was a nasty? E.

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